The Streers employee named Penny is based at Goldman Crossing Steers. She is the most unfriendly, unmannerly person I have dealt with. I have been to this Steers branch on 3 occasions and each time is the same experience - bad customer service. I have been there twice during an evening service and put the experience down to them being busy. Yesterday (Sunday), I again visited Steers. This time, my husband and I were the only customers there. We walked in as she was filling the ice cream machine. We greeted her and asked if they have ice cream. She looked at us, didn't acknowledge us or our question and turned back to complete her task. The telephone rang, she then answered the phone and took the telephonic order - still no concern for us standing in front of her. Eventually she attended to us and then managed to get the order wrong - twice! Customer Service is very important especially in the industry she is in. To the owner of Goldman Crossing Steers - if you don't give Penny training, coaching or move her from the front service, you are going to loose many customers - I certainly will not go back to your shop.

Mar 07, 2016

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