Steers / cold food and no customer service

East London, South Africa

I ordered food at Steers Greenfields last week Saturday night. I ordered around 18h30 and received my food at about 19h40. I phoned the store at about 19h38, they said delivery guy just left. When i reveived my food, it was ice cold. Why did the store not keep it hot? How long was my food standing on their counter?
I complained and the lady just said sorry, it wont happen again. Listen to the recording... she first ramble on in Xhosa, i thought she was explaining my situation to the manager, just to get a feeling she was talking to me. I again asked her what action i was to follow, R400 is not just a few cents. She said she would get back to me after she contacts the GM. They cannot give me answers or make any decision on their own. This was Sunday. I phoned back on Monday and spoke to a male manager, he said he will find out by the owner. I phoned back today and the manager said the owner has not picked up his phone yet????????. Inv # 294558 and del order # 219


Aug 10, 2018

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