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I was recently in this weekend with my family sitting at a booth near where the food is handed out at and this light skin heavyset pretty women went up to the counter and asked for a cup of chili and I heard that the lady told her to get it herself and this is not the first time that I come in and I see her going off the last time I went in she approached a white women taht was hosting and demanded her to give her tip back after there was a line at the door and the white old lady was busy hosting, moral of the story is that this young women I think her name was jasmine she is ALWAYS going off every time I go in. Do you really want that as a part of your team member ? This will be the last time I'll ever come in with my family in suppose to come here and enjoy my time off work and have a good Sunday but instead you have workers somoleaing about a bowl of chili ... Grow up!

Mar 13, 2017

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