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The closet Steak N Shake to my house is at 4320 West Main
Belleville, IL 62226. The service at this location has gotten progressively worse over the last year. Its been so bad that I have not been going and after a few month decided to try one more time. My daughter and I stopped in around 6:00 PM on 9/22/2017 and was promptly seated. After about 5 minutes a waitress finally came and took our drink order. I ordered Dr Pepper and received Coke. She did catch her mistake and correct it. After she took our order we waited for over 30 minutes before I noticed my daughters salad up on the counter under the heat lamps. After another 10 minutes or so the waitress finally noticed the food and brought it to our table. She then disappeared for 20 minutes and by the time she came back out we where done eating. She asked if we where done, and I said "Yes". I assumed (wrong as it turns out) that she was going to get our check. She instead disappeared again for at least another 20 minutes.

When she finally came back out she was filling someone's drink order when I made eye contact with her. She asked if I needed something else and I said "Yes, my bill!!!" She apologized and said she would bring it right over. I guess "Right Over" means after another 10 minutes.

Now while I was sitting there waiting for everything I looked around and noticed ALL the other Waitresses just standing behind the counter checking phones and talking to each other. Turns out our waitress was the ONLY one actually working.

I also observed everyone that was trying to pay and leave stand at the counter for 10 to 15 minutes before someone would finally check them out.

After getting my bill I proceeded to stand at that counter for at least 10 minutes before the cook acknowledged me and asked if I was ready to pay. Now at this point it was all I could do not to say, No I kind of like just standing here watching so many people not do anything. But I didn't and kindly said Yes.

He then turns to 3 other women standing behind the counter and says can someone work the register. Ironically the one that made eye contact with me when I first stepped up to the register was the one that came to help me. She walks up and actually says " Are you ready to pay?"

In any other place I have EVER been in, when someone is standing at the register holding a bill and a $20 dollar bill. You can safely assume that they are done and would like to leave!!!

I said in a harsh tone "YES!!!" She then asked "How was everything?" I said "The food was good, the service sucks!" She responded with "Well we are working on that".

I looked around and there are NO comment cards anywhere in that place.

Now, I tell you this, because I do like eating at Steak N Shake. Nobody else including my wife likes Steak N Shake because of the service at that location. I see that the problem with that location is management. Personally I would clean house at that location and hire all new people. Keep the cook and the one working waitress, the others can all be replaced. None of them care about where they work, and they obviously avoid work as much as they can. I witnessed several example of them going out of their way to keep from having to do anything.

As for a resolution, please pay them a visit as a secret customer and witness that mess for yourself. They carry the Steak N Shake name but I know if Corporate Steak N Shake personnel would see what their name is on they would shut that place down on the spot. Its in serious need of new management and new personnel.

I don't need any free food as I will not be going back there EVER unless I hear that the service has improved. I would also recommend to anyone that talks about going to Steak N Shake, that they avoid that location at all costs.

Please fix that place, and I do love to eat there.

Sep 22, 2017
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      Sep 23, 2017

    Oh and that is not all, I was so angry at them for their poor service that I told my daughter we would never eat at Steak-n-Shake again. She was upset and started crying because she loves going there. I slapped her across the face and told her that she was stupid and that I am ashamed of her, and wished she were never born. Her mother and I are divorced and I blamed her for the divorce. I could not help it, I was angry at Stake-n-Shake. She told her mother my ex, a complete airhead what happened and my ex contacted her lawyer, and now they are threatening to get social services involved so that I cannot have visits with my daughter again.

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