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Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / portabella mushroom swiss steak burger

1 United States

My husband, 4 year old son and I went to the Steak and Shake today in Westerville, Ohio off of Polaris Pkwy. My husband ordered the portabella mushroom Swiss steak burger and clearly stated WITHOUT mayonnaise. The waitress noted it and put the order in. When the order came his burger had the mayonnaise on it. He nicely asked it to be redone since he does not like the taste of mayonnaise at all. (Side note) My husband usually never sends anything back because he/we try to be as easy going as we can be and we understand mistakes happen. However, when the burger came back, less than a minute later, it was clear that the mayonnaise was just wiped off the bun but yet the same bun was put back on the burger because there was still some mayonnaise on it that the cook missed wiping off. We called over the floor manager and he was very apologetic and said he would remake the whole burger himself and the waitress we had said the same thing a few minutes after. Both the floor manager and waitress were very professional and apologetic when it was not even their fault and we appreciated that very much. What my husband and I took issue with is how it was pure laziness on the cooks part to not even care how a customer felt and just basically didn't care how the food came out. What if it was someone who was allergic to mayonnaise??? That is what my husband kept saying. He's not, thankfully, but the carelessness, laziness of this cook/s is more of the reason why we are writing this complaint.
I want to point out again, that the waitress we had and the floor manager were more than gracious, apologetic and helpful with our situation.
We had a kids milkshake taken off our bill ( that my 4 year old son had) which was very nice but my husband and I both felt the burger should have been taken off. That being said, we have always loved your restaurant, food and atmosphere but we were very disappointed in this clear lack of caring what a customer orders and when it comes back just wiping mayonnaise off and giving it right back.
We appreciate your time reading this.

Thank you,

Jim and Bethani Ebner

Sep 21, 2018

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