Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / pittsburgh store, 410 clairton blvd

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My family and I have come to this Steak and Shake location several times. I kept hoping the visits would get better but they only got worse each time. The first time I came with my family the service was slow, a waitress was yelling curse words at her manager, telling him to [censor] off, get the [censor] away from her (while my 6 year old triplets are there) . The manager saw I was pissed and provided a discount on my check. My daughter choose to come my second visit for our mother daughter lunch. There were so many tables needing bussed they could not seat anyone. After waiting 20 mins I was finally seated, it took another 20 mins for my waitress to come over and take our order. I ordered a pumpkin spice milkshake this particular day. My daughter and I received our meals, I asked about my milkshake and was told (rudely) when it is done she would bring it to me, my milkshake came after I had finished my food. The manager on duty this day seen how long it took and took my milkshake off my bill. The last visit was this past Friday, again too many tables needing bussed to be seated, the hosted stood behind the counter with no one to check out and would not touch a table. Finally, one waitress started to clear tables to get people seated. I unfortunately, was seated in the section that the waitress who waited on me my last visit was waiting tables at. I immediately told my husband this was not going to be a pleasant experience. The waitress came to our table right away took our orders and my husband and I ordered 2 waters plus my table of five each ordered a milkshake. It took over 25 mins for our food to come, when the food came I asked about the milkshakes, rudely I was told when they are done she will bring them out, mind you it has been approximately a half hour for us to get our food, we should have had shakes by then. She does not offer to get us more waters or anything else to drink for my children that had nothing to drink. I had asked for a fork because I got chili cheese fries she walked away as if she was going to get it and she failed to come back to our table the rest of our visit. When she brought our food she also brought our check and that still had milkshakes on it. My husband and I had to share our waters with the kids so that they had something to drink, I never received my milkshakes, I went to check out asked for a manager and that same hostess told me she could not find him (she did not go looking for him, just looked over her shoulder). I asked her to remove my milkshakes as I never got them and was finished with my meal. The managers on my previous visits were able to kind of smooth over the issues at this restaurant this time they hid in the back. I kept trying to give this establishment chance after chance because my kids enjoy your food. I can go to McDonalds and have better service, eat in a clean place and be treated with more respect than I have experienced in my three attempts at this place. I left that day not giving a tip to the waitress, this is the first time in my 41 years of life I have not tipped. If you do not do something soon this place is going to go to hell. It is poorly managed and the staff working there is only there for the paycheck they could give a rats [censor] less about the patrons. I am extremely disappointed and told several patrons on my way out to turn around and go somewhere else. It is not worth the aggravation.

Nov 27, 2017

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