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J Nov 23, 2017

2315 south dale mabry, tampa florida
Nov 18th about 700pm. Where do I begin. I grew up in St louis with Steaknshake. What we went thru a few days ago was so absurd. First every order was wrong twice. Shakes had almost no icecream(intentional, throughout entire store, not just ours) Food served cold, I asked for the food that was ready and was told I could not have it until everything was ready. The first round of burgers were sitting about 20 minutes waiting for a salad. The manager could not care less, hardly any customers but it was almost a 90 minute ordeal. Eve y order wrong litterly no ice cream in shakes, then when we paid( it should have been free) the cashier just walks away halfway thru the transaction to talk to a friend. I love steaknshake, alot of great memories growing up. This was the most absurd restaurant encounter in my life. Cost $70, 90 minutes, manager is probably getting better food costs down by greatly shorting every shake. What else is she doing. It is intentional. My name is Jon Zuckerman, email [protected]

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