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Lakeland, FL, United States

So me and my boyfriend walk in about midnight after a long day in the hospital, mind you im 3 hours from home. Anyways we walk in seat are selfs and wait 20 mins for someone to even help us even though they have no problem talking to a employee from the sound of the convo. Who isent working this night about how stupid some customer's are. Were finally helped and happy knowing are tummys will soon be full. Wrong. We didnt even get the right food, we didnt complain. The burger we did get right had rotten mushrooms and was missing sauce. Waitress agreed about mushrooms and then stated it didnt come with the garlic butter. After showing her the menu did we get sauce that after she yelled to the line cook he forgot sauce and needed a side of it. Not only did he curse at her but he refused he could have possible been wrong and that were [censor]ing crazy. Okay. Wtf did I just hear was my first thought. The food I ordered the melty something had like rubber meat and the chili cheese fries I got was cold... Wtf am I doing walking out hungry at 1 am in the morning when I just paid 30 dollars for a meal I wish I didnt... Rude people. Bad food. I will never be returning to the steak and shake on memorial in lakeland fl. And neither will my family. I work in fast food and ive never ever had bad service like this.

Jun 21, 2017

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