Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesdine in experience

On December 3 around 6:00pm my family (a total of 5, 3 adults and 2 children) decided to visit your location in Snellville Ga, off of Scenic Hwy 124. You could say as soon as we opened the door our bad experience started. We waited to be greeted by an employee, we were looked at by many of the staff but never greeted. About 5 minutes later I saw that there was a list on the "host" stand with nobody there to put our name down I wrote it on the list. 10 minutes later we were finally seated. Our server said that he will be right with us to get our drink order, knowing that we waited 15 minutes to be sat I decided to start my timer. It took over 4 minutes for him to com back and get our drink order, thankfully we also knew what we wanted to eat so we placed our food order in too 5 meals for dine in and 1 for take out. 6minutes later we received our drinks and asked about our order.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Snellville, GA The server said he was going to check on it. 20 minites later he came back with our order. In that 20 minutes all the drinks at the table had been emptied and not refilled nor had anyone checked in on us. Upon receiving the food 2 orders were wrong and all of the burgers were over cooked and dry. When I saw the manager on duty (she said her name was Sahanna, older white lady withd short-mid length hair). She was extremely rude during our discussion and was putting blame on everyone else. Towards the end of the discussion she rudely said she will take care of our meal and snatched the check out of my wife's hand and walked off mumbling under her breath. My wife and I have been coming to this location for over 7 years, we know the service is sub par at best but this was just completely unacceptable. And the attitude received from the manager was disrespectful for any circumstance let alone a customer service based establishment.

Dec 03, 2018

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