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Stater Bros. / rude customer service

1 Tustin Av. and Santa Clara, Orange, CA, United States Review updated:

I was treated so rudely by a cashier named Kathy A that even the customers in line with me were appalled. She clearly had charged me incorrectly for many items (10 total) as she was not aware of the sale pricing (buy 10 specific Kraft products and get $5.00 off). I followed the ad correctly and when I questioned her about the lack of discount she became aggressive and told me it was my fault. The manager came over and verified that I had purchased correctly but did not address her behavior. One of the customers in line even said "She always acts like that!" Now, my point is that Stater Bros. customer service has been falling in many areas the last few years as the store staff has become saturated with hispanics. I am not racist, but being caucasion has had it's challenges. I have noticed that the hispanic staff does not pay attention to detail, like getting my order charged correctly, and I am, increasingly, being discriminated against through the staff's rude behavior. I am not overly sensitive. I'm a quiet and mannerly woman. This is blatent. I suppose 'white flight' would be a solution but I have lived and shopped in this area for 22 years and am saddened by what has become of my Stater Bros.

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  • Ar
      23rd of Feb, 2011
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    Rude and disrespectful employees at Stater brothers harbor bl & Whittier bl. La Habra, ca.

    I've been a regular stater brothers customer for about 9 years, I stopped shopping there recently because I got tired of being treated rudely and disrespectfully by stater brothers employees.

    I may be shy and have trouble talking to people I don't know but I don't think I deserve to be made fun of behind my back and treated rudely to my face, and this would happen everytime I went there, I would never lodge a formal complaint because I'd be too embarrassed, I guess it dosent matter anyway since I shop at Vons now and wont ever go back to starer bros.

    Art P.

  • Ma
      5th of Dec, 2012
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    Current employee: Im sorry to hear this wow. :(

  • Rr
      21st of Jan, 2013
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    i also shop at my local stator bros located on Benton Road. i never go to the female cashiers, i know this is hard, but they expect me to bag and put my purchases in my own cart. the male cashiers have no problem. but for some reason the female cashiers feel that bagging items and placing them in my cart is not part of their job description. how weird is that. if i wanted to bag my own items i would go to the local Winco store located on Winchester and margarita. Winco gives the same service, less cost for groceries, and i know that i am expected to bag my own items.
    also the meat cutters don't put on gloves when handling my meat purchases. haven't they noticed the meat packaged in the cooler. i don't have to shop here and i am so much happier.

  • Da
      14th of Feb, 2013
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    Store #42 in Riverside, Ca on Arlington isn't any better.
    The store was recently remodeled and why they wasted the money I can't figure. First, Staters' policy of making you purchase so many of an item to get a sale price has got to go. If I want that much I'll go to Costco. I just pass up those items at Staters and don't buy any.
    I also witnessed a clerk bring a bag of deli chicken strips in a bag that he found disgarded in an isle. I heard him tell the deli clerk where he found it an that the bag didn't look like itr had been opened. She asked the other deli clerk if she should just throw it away because of the circumstances. The other clerk told her, 'no, just put it back in with the others', and she did! Pretty discusting! Who knows how long it had been there or what was done to it. And, isn't that ahaint health code?
    A really annoying practice at Store 42 is the continuous practice of the employees communicating on the intercom in loud, unintelligible broadcasts the entire time I'm in the store..every time!
    Shopping at Staters is no longer worth the savings vs the aggervation.
    Get some management that wants to manage.

  • Li
      23rd of Sep, 2015
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    I used to be able to get good clearance mark downs. All kinds of stuff that was damaged or dented would be marked down to about 50% off. I especially did well on dog and cat food. Not anymore though. More than once I have seen the employees purchasing the marked downs. I think they let the employees cherry pick the best items first and then they let the customers have the remaining items. They also are not consistent with the time they place the mark downs out for the customer. They tell you the stuff will be out by 9am but it never is. Sometimes they say 11 am but it never is. You get a different story from managers every time. The two stores I am referring to are in Beaumont Ca.

  • Lg
      4th of Apr, 2016
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    The staters in riverside on Blaine has so many thefts cops there so much everyday they need a sub station there. The other day I notice packages of diapers ripped and marked in permanent marker on the package. The cashier proceeds to ring them up but I had to get a coupon I forgot in the car so I ask her to hold the items I'll be right back. When I get back she states that she will not be able to sell them and that the manager would like to speak to me. Upon speaking to the manager he says that any clearance purchases the price will not be honored for me. This store has a serious theft problem clearly. An hour later my grandmother and 6 year old go to pick up noodles for dinner and the cashier Tim ripped the change out of my sons hand even after being told that he was with my grandmother. Smh.. is no one safe from staters harassment. To my knowledge the store on Blaine is the only one I've seen with a security guard 24/7. Maybe they should use those brought orange stickers they use on the marked down bread and meat for other items they mark down. Also I agree with the person about staff getting first pick I've seen it first hand with cashiers at this store with boxes full of beer bud light not like the never heard of brand name they leave for the customers that pay their salary. I will be going back to Ralph's they are cheaper than staters go figure

  • Fr
      16th of Feb, 2017
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    Rude and unfriendly staff at the Corona, store # 62, Stater bros. Unless you are white, store clerks simply ignore you or offer to help you find anything. Forget about getting any help in the produce department!!! They are always too busy gossiping with one another to pay any attention to a customer requiring assistance. There is only one cashier that is friendly and courteous, the rest can do with a lot more training in that department. In general, an overpriced and racist store!!!

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