Stater Bros Markets / unethical behaviour, on the meat department

on 5/5/2018 visited the location #193, Moreno Valley, Mss. Shania, ( meat department) asked me what I need, said a salmon and swait filet, I asked polite, if can be fry, yes, she said, already upset, because I asked for complete piece of filet, she was give me a cutting pieces very small, said to comeback in 20 min, I did, she was talking with a guy, not a customer, not even asked me, I asked, if the fish was ready, she pointed to the end of the counter, said Is there, so I said, nice customer service, she gave me the ugly look, and I walk away, and then I returned and asked for her name, she said it, and I went to the cashier paid my items and said I had a bad experience with one staff member, called a manager on duty, Sonya C. came, listen my complain, it's been happened more than 3 times and today number 4, and then I asked Sonya if I can write a complaint, said yes, then, meat department manager, Serg( not really good in names) apologies, I mentioned the situation, when Sonya came and said they don't have no more complaints forms, I am taking this moment to complaint about this girl, thinking why, because we are Hispanic? racism, please be aware, of this girl, when I come to the meat department and she is there, I just walked away, but I wait too long to do this complaint and today was enough, and please take in consideration my request, I hope she understand, we are consumers, not a beggars. ( and she will be promoting this week for a manager? wao, should be happy}

Jun 05, 2018

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