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My name is Katara Neely. My policy was cancelled due to issues, w my vehicle having to be fixed so I wasn't driving my truck. Once I got it fixed I had to pay the DMV a 50.00 fee because of the lapse (no problem there). And i called cus tomer service on 11/14/17, to get my car insurance reinstated and paid 239.00. I also asked the rep, would they send the DMV the SF-1 for proof of car ins, he said yes of course. So on 11/19/17 I checked my mailbox, and got a letter from the DMV that stating my license plate tag has no been REVOKED!!! So I call statefarm cust service, they tell me that the rep wasn't suppose to take payment, and I have no insurance policies!!! So I called my local agent on today 11/20/17 and they tell me the policy has to be rewritten and that it is now gone up to 305.00!!! Not to mention I have to wait 7/10 business days to get my 239.00 back. So I still have no insurance or money. I have a life and have a part time job, how am I suppose to get back and forth?????? Yes, the policy lapsing is my responsibility and I corrected it. But no one at statefarm is talking responsibility for this unprofessional mess!!! So what I would like to know who is going to fix my issue???? All I've heard is Ms. Neely I'm sorry there is nothing we can do...wrong this company took my 239.00 so I will need for someone to figure it out! I paid for car insurance so that is what I expect. I do not work at statefarm so I do not know rules and regs, and apparently the cust service reps don't either. The blessing is I was never pulled over by the police, because had I been they would have impounded my car...for REVOKED tags. What kind of business y'all running???? And I will keep talking about this until something is done. No the customer isn't always right...but in this situation YES I AM!!!
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Nov 20, 2017

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