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State Farm / State Farm did not pay for the repairs of my stolen car

1 Near Hartford, CT, United States Review updated:

I woke up one morning in the fall of 2009 to drive to class (was in college at the time) and after a few surreal minutes of walking around trying to discover where my car was, I realized it was most likely stolen. Three weeks prior to this, my car was broken into, window smashed, and my GPS was stolen. This time, I had hid my values and any traces of my values inside my apartment. Well anyways, I went into the police station to put the issue on file, got a ride to class, and soon after got the call from the cops saying that my car was indeed stolen and that they found it. I was later picked up that same day by the police and was driven to a graveyard where my car was found. When I got in it to drive it home, I instantly noticed that the transmission was damaged. My 5th gear and reverse did not work at all (I was no longer able to switch into those gears (It went from working very smoothly to not working at all (standard transmission). Now I had owned this vehicle for 5+ years prior to it being stolen and never had ANY problem with switching gears. I bring my car into a transmission shop to get it evaluated. So now its time for me to call the claim into State Farm, my car insurer, (yes I had collateral coverage), and have a State Farm rep come to inspect my car. Here's the deal. If they (State Farm) do not see any proof that my vehicle was recently damaged (from the crook), then they don't see any reason to cover my repair bill. There was no proof of my car being broken into or hot wired. Well, it was obviously wired since my window was not smashed. There was also no proof that I didn't leave my car unlocked before it was stolen. Listen, at the time of this happening I lived in an EXTREMELY bad area (near where I went to school). I have NEVER left my car unlocked. However, how could I prove that I did or did not lock my car either way? That is insane. So 1: they (the car shop and the State Farm rep) could not see any evidence that my car was abruptly damaged, but only that it was damaged. And 2: I could not prove that my car was actually stolen and I cannot prove that I had locked my car. This is what they are telling me at State Farm!!! So from their perspective, they can imagine that I just get a kick out of damaging my car and leaving it in a graveyard during a stressful finals week. That I love having to bother someone to come out of their way to pick me up to go to class because my car is gone. That I love to ruin a perfectly good car. This news was very painful for me to deal with. I felt very hurt that they were not taking care of me when I pay good money in case this sort of thing happens. State Farm essentially stole from me. Anyways, State Farm did not cover any of my very expensive bill to fix my transmission...Like a good neighbor State Farm is there? If state farm was my neighbor id move out.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated..

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  • Wp
      21st of Mar, 2011
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    I am really sorry that happened to you. It is rather difficult to determine what caused your transmission to slip. It is a result of mechanical failure and may not be actually caused by the theft. You can, however, appeal the insurance company. They should have sent you a denial letter which tells you how to appeal. If you don't get satisfaction from the appeal, contact the Department of Insurance in Connecticut. Maybe you will have some luck! Hope this helps.

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