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State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / homeowners

1 Beverly Hills, CA, United States

We are 2 disabled seniors who rented a house from one of their insureds. The house had a defective roof, mold & overrun with rodents. The landlord did not maintain his pool or yard(yard flooded several times). We were left homeless and paid for temporary housing out of pocket through our retirement account. We paid for mold reports, stored mold & rodent stain furniture and waited over 3 years for them to examine it. My husband was rushed to the ER on 10/25/2014 because the landlord had a handyman take the moldy cabinet and part of the room through the house.we were in a modest hotel on a special rate and cooperated with their adjuster(waited almost 2 months) and still no remediation. We paid for the utilities on the house. We asked for reimbursement for temporary housing, but they could not do that. We lost our income for our living expenses due to all these expenses we incurred. We hired an attorney and then State Farm got the case transferred to another county(2 hours away). Our attorney could not accommodate this, so we were pro sevand contacted State Farm to settle. They said there was limited ins and I said the house would have to have more ins because it was financed. And then we got a call back from Jim Finnegan and they found another million dollars of coverage.he suggests a mediation to settle and after 5 months we do not hear from them or their attorneys. We are forced to hire a new attorney and after he takes more $ and did not represent us in our best interests, we call them again. We tell them we have spent over $400, 000 in our of pocket expenses and are paying for medications needed due to the mold. Finnegan tells us we did not pay rent, so forget that expense. My husband should be fine now that he is out of the environment, get your rat stained furniture out of storage and clean it. These are just a few of his comments. I filed a complaint with the Dept of Insurance and Steve Davis calls us([protected]).
We were to wait for Jim Finnegan to call us back. We tell him our bottom line. Of course they backed us down. The amount did not cover our damaged property and we said we would walk away, BUT now we have a lien against us with the attorney.
State Farm writes us a letter dated 9/24/2018 and states: they have explained to the Dept of Ins that despite the significant differences we have concerning the value of your claim...some of the claims we have are not covered under the insured's policy...
Well, we cut back and got rid of our second car and were forced to sell our only car with no means of transportation. We sold everything to buy medications. We have now been forced to go to our children for support. I lost $3, 000 in income per month because they would not reimburse us for anything! They hire attorneys who travel in packs/posses(atleast 5 at a time), but will not cover my out of pocket expenses. They promise you, but do not follow through. The house was unsafe and uninhabitable. We can send the photos. The moths, beetles & crickets ate up our clothes and furnishings. We lost everything. I have now gone to the Justice Department and Tigta this week to report your cruel and outrageous business practices

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

  • Updated by Beverlee LaPorta, Oct 06, 2018

    We are 2 disabled seniors who rented a house insured by State Farm.The house had a defective roof, mold & rodents.We were homeless & went to a modest hotel which we paid for.My husband was rushed to the ER because he was breathing toxic molds for 2 years.We lost everything! We spent our retirement account to pay for mold reports & attorneys after they promised a mediation and of course lied to us about the amount of coverage. We finally started making complaints to the Dept of Ins to get their attention.we sold everything to take them to court, as they are cavalier about our damages: you are out of the environment so you are ok, you did not pay rent so you are not entitled to temporary housing, get your furniture out of storage with rodent stains. It can be fixed! Yes, this is their attitude. They do not care. I guess they can sleep at night with this attitude. I am now reporting this to the Veterans Association since my husband served his country.

Oct 6, 2018

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