State Farm Mutual Automobile Company / customer service & policy

My complaint with State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance is their customer service and their process of entering the wrong information. First, I decided to use the State Farm Auto Insurance because I have them for home insurance. The issues that are real problems are when they start the policy process and then don't complete them. For example, the agents take my credit card information and forget to charge my card for the insurance. Then, when I figured that was an issue. I decided to transfer to another State Farm Office that was closer to my house which was another issue because they act like no one know how to do it. Also, they dropped the ball there as well. Finally, their last mistake was contacting me regarding a wrong VIN number on my policy. Like how long did you not that was not my VIN number! I have insurance cards with the right VIN number so where did this come from all of a sudden. So, now the underwriting team doesn't want me to have any coverage! REALLY!

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