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State Farm Insurance / Poor customer service

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I have State Farm Homeowner insurance on my home. We fixed it up and put it on the market when a toilet water line burst. It took three months before the State Farm Premier repair team finished the repairs while I continued paying mortgage payments...the house was not habitable, yet State Farm refuses to cover the mortgage payments during the time it was uninhabitable (taken off the market). Greg Lopeman, my agent, never called ONCE to check on the status. I am forced to file a lawsuit against them to recover lost use of the residence. They have no customer service and try to avoid helping a customer who was loyal for years. Too bad..they have lost another customer!

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  • Wp
      31st of Mar, 2010
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    State Farm has no responsibility to pay your mortgage! The additional living expenses coverage would pay for you to live in a home of like quality in a similar area. If you did rent another place, call the adjuster and let him know. They will take care of you. You seem like an idiot.

  • In
      2nd of Feb, 2011
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    I find it hard to believe that you continued to call agent about claim handling. They are not liscensed to settle claims. That is why there are liscensed claims adjusters. The insurance co will not pay your mortgage..however if you took time to read the paperwork I am sure you received and read your would of known you could of claimed living expenses if your house was in fact inhabitible. Ignorance by consumer cannot be blamed on any insurance co..

  • Th
      11th of Feb, 2011
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    Let me know how your search goes for an insurance company that would have paid your mortgage...

  • Vi
      11th of Jun, 2011
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    I purchased a home in June of 2006. Several years later, as I was doing some yard work in my front yard, a neighbor – who identified himself as Gary - ran from across the street to offer some assistance. During his short visit he said to me, ‘I work for State Farm Insurance. When you moved in I wanted to see who you had insurance with so I scanned your name & saw that you were already with State Farm’. I thought this was unusual, as I did not authorize him to ‘scan’ anything and this was my first encounter with this man. I did, however, tell him that I was not satisfied with my current State Farm agent. Gary then told me that he worked for an agent in (Olmsted Falls, Ohio) and he then suggested I switch everything over to his office. Although I agreed to the transfer of agents, I still felt uneasy about the fact that he looked something up without my authority or knowledge. I felt this was an invasion of my privacy.

    On June 10, 2011, I viewed my credit report with Experian online. I noticed that my credit report was viewed by ‘LexisNexis/StateFarm’ in March of 2011. I thought this was unusual, as I did not authorize such an inquiry. So I contacted my State Farm Agent to question this. I received the company voice mail and I specifically stated that I wanted THE AGENT to call me back. Although I specified this, within 5 minutes Gary called me back. Gary said ‘what can I do for you?’ Since I did not expect Gary to call me back and my issue was pertaining to Gary, I simply said “I just wanted to know how much I am paying in house insurance per year because I am shopping around”. Gary then said to me “you are paying $512 a year”. I thanked him and we hung up.

    I then called the agent's mobile number and spoke to him directly. I went into detail about the first incident that I had with Gary in my front yard. I told him that I was concerned because I saw that State Farm has viewed my credit report in March of 2011 without my authority. The agent explained that there was ‘absolutely no way’ that State Farm can view my credit report. I then asked him if his office had access to Lexis Nexis and he stated ‘absolutely not’. He again told me that State Farm ‘never’ looks at existing customers’ credit reports. He asked for me to send him a copy of my report to prove to him that State Farm looked at my report. I agreed and then we hung up.

    Nearly 15 minutes later, I received a call from the agent. He was now in defense-mode, as his tone was now that of anger and he was now acting as if he were an attorney. The agent said to me, “State Farm reviews your credit every 3 years”, which is now a contradiction to his initial statement that State Farm ‘never’ looks at existing customers’ credit reports. The agent insisted Gary ‘wouldn’t do such a thing’. I then reminded the agent, once again, that Gary admitted to looking up my personal information after moving in to my house. He said to me “look, what you think of Gary as a neighbor is none of my business”. I then reminded the agent that my first encounter with Gary was unusual, as he (Gary) was discussing my personal information (that he had already looked up) for the sole purpose of selling insurance to me as a benefit to State Farm. The agent then said to me, in a sneaky little voice, “ohhhhh, but that’s not what you said the first time! You said that Gary said that he ran across the street and told you that he ran your credit report! Now you’re giving me 2 different stories!” I said to the agent “I didn’t say he ran my credit report the first time he came to me, I said he ‘scanned’ my name, without authority” – however he did this, I do not know. But, in March of 2011 State Farm reviewed my credit report and I wanted to know why. The agent then said to me, “No, you said that Gary ran across the street and told you that he scanned your credit report, now you’re telling me something else. And see, here I called Gary and told him what you said & now you’re saying something else!’’ (as if to ‘trick’ me). The agent certainly is not a good listener, as I never stated this to him (and it doesn’t matter anyway, my privacy rights were STILL violated!). I felt like I was arguing with a 10 year old child. The agent is clearly unprofessional. He also made me feel as if I were on trial and I told him this. The agent then said to me, “let me ask you this, why did you ever come to my agency?” (as if he were suggesting I was a problem client simply because I was not satisfied with the service I received from my first agent – of nearly 20 years). I responded “because I was not satisfied with the way my last agent handled my claim”. Jared then said to me, “look, you are certainly free to take your business elsewhere”. So I am.

    I have been a State Farm customer for about 23 years. State Farm has very poor customer service. I am now going to file a formal complaint with the Attorney General of Ohio due to my privacy rights being violated. I am now in the process of transferring my auto insurance to Progressive. I have already had a much better experience with them. I am currently looking into transferring my home to another company, as well. Once I have transferred all of my possessions to another company, I will never go back to State Farm again. My daughter has already transferred her new auto to another company due to Gary’s unprofessional behavior (a separate incident). I am going to encourage as many people as possible to switch their insurance to Progressive – all due to the lack of concern, privacy violations and unprofessionalism. ‘Like a good neighbor State Farm is there’? What a JOKE.

  • Se
      30th of Dec, 2011
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    Why should the insurance co pay for the mortgage on the home you bought? That's your responsibility.

  • Gl
      2nd of Sep, 2014
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    I had homeowner insurance i had to cancelled and they refuse to give me a refund they say that i did not cancelled in time i call the office but the massage were never giving to my agent mark bartley i will never use state farm again nor will i recordment you all to any one i will be reporting you all to the better business bauer as soon as i can people put you all up so high but what a joke i hope that you all dont treat all your customer like i have been treated people put you all up so high but what a joke i talk about using you all again to my friend but the way that i have been treat i dont think so you all need to learn how to treat your customer a little bit better it will take your business nothing but higher and higher think customer before you think money and the money will follow i really belive in you all but not any more i am going to let god take care of this matter may god help you all

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