State Farm / darrell penn: state farm claims adjuster

I would like to make you aware of one of your claim adjusters. His name is Darrell Penn. He also has a side business in the Property Preservation field. I had the misfortune of doing contract work for him. I've been in the Property Preservation business for a little over five years now and subcontracted for a few different company's, but non of them came close to the way Darrell goes about making his money. And if he is having the people that work for purposelessly damage door's "Because your the first one in the property since the occupant's left" or spray water and bleach on small cracks in the ceiling to make the cracks "look like the roof is leaking." I no longer work for Mr. Penn because of his work ethics, and now since I don't do his dirty work anymore, he is refusing to pay me the money for jobs I completed ($3000.00+). I have no proof that he carries over that type of work ethic to his insurance adjuster job, but it would make a lot of sense that he does... Again, I'm not accusing him, but I suggest you might want to keep an eye out with the properties he works. I've been with State Farm for years and to tell you the truth, I'm not real comfortable having someone like that working on your team...
Thank You For Your Time,

Jane Doe

Nov 25, 2016

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