Stanton Optical / poor service and quality

Greenville, United States

In late April I ordered two pair of glasses from Stanton. A week later the clerk told me the sunglasses had flaws in the lens and that they would send to be redone. A week after that I went to get the sunglasses and was told they needed two more hours or so to get the lens in the frame. Since I live 45 minutes away and traffic was getting congested I told them I would be back in a couple days. I returned after the weekend (4 days later) and was told that they had been illegally letting any staff person fit the glasses- that the one licensed staff person had to do the fitting and adjustments- and she was not due in for another hour. At that time I asked for the glasses so I could leave- after 15 more minutes a clerk came out and said their machine was broken but they would have them "soon." (stall tactic?) I proceeded to give the clerk my address and asked that the glasses be mailed to me. Another week went by and the sunglasses arrived- and THEY STILL HAD THE BLACK DOTS ON THEM USED TO MEASURE LENS TRANSITION PLACEMENT!! So far nothing as gotten the dots off- I called to the store to ask how- they have a special solution- "bring them in and we will clean off" - well no way am I going to that store so I called Stanton Customer Service- they said I could only deal with the Greenville, SC, store- I could possibly mail the glasses to them and they could mail them back after cleaning- AGGGH! The poor service in not cleaning before mailing is unbelievable and no one has even apologized. So, BEWARE!

May 29, 2015

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