[Resolved] Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia / very bad of you

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

I want to use this opportunity to seek for the assistance of the police and the law enforcement agents in Malaysia to get this so call Scammer ZAITON BINTI MOHD NOR arrested, you have accounts in nearly all the Banks in Malaysia, everybody should be careful whenever you deal with her because definitely you must be scammed Malaysian Banks please take note. and get her to stop this. she have sent so many people to early grave with having any idea of it. you afflict your fellow women and cause them death, what a heart. surely I speak to you ZAITON you'll one day pay for all this. this was the account details you used to Scam me of my hard earned money putting me and my family to perpetual separation. Account Name, Zaiton Binti Mohd Nor
Bank Name:Standard Chartered
Account Number, [protected]
Current Account
Bank Address: Bangunan Emum 55 Jalan Gangsa, 05150 Alor Setar Malaysia.


  • Resolution statement

    I'm particularly very happy with the way the Bank contacted her for questioning and requested she explain to me the full detail of the situation which she did. Now I'll have my money back which she would be paying on monthly basis. so the issue was amicably resolved. thanks to Standard Chartered Bank. and a big thanks to the crew of complain board Malaysia.

Oct 21, 2014

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