Standard Chartered Bank / maintenance charges on my savings account

CF 347 Salt Lake Sector 1 Kolkata 700064, Kolkata, India
Contact information:
Phone: +91-33-6616-0828

My balance in this savings account has been at around Rs 110, 000 for several years now. But the bank started charging maintenance fee on my account, without notifying me of a policy or limit change. Upon inquiry, I was notified that my account was categorized as a "Preferred" account and hence a minimum balance of Rs 2 lacs is now needed. But this was no communicated to me in time. I have now transferred more funds to the acct as per advice from the "Relationship Manager" of my account. But since then I have not been able o get any response from her, even though I have sent three emails and tried calling her twice!

Meanwhile, I have noticed some strange patterns in these charges levied on my account. It almost appears that the bank is simply charging my account whenever it wants to, however i wants to! I wrote to customer care team, they sent me a lengthy email, but their explanation does not match with their own charges!

Sep 15, 2014

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