Standard Chartered Bank / improper holding fund and worst customer service


On 3 August 2016, I sent the money USD 14,000 from Hong Kong to the payee’s account in Standard Chartered Bank in Malaysia.

They refused to deposit the money to payee’s account but they also not return my money back!

My bank in Hong Kong is keep sending message to Standard Chartered Bank, but they never replied. My money has been hold by Standard Chartered Bank in Malaysia for 3 weeks, and they never give me any reason!!!

The payee approached to bank branch to request return my money immediately and I even sent a complaint email to Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia directly, provide all the proof which show their bank is holding my money, but they still not do anything!

I can’t believe such a global bank can offer such worse customer service.

I still can’t get my money back until now, I feel so helpless!

Aug 28, 2016

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