Spirit Airlines / cancelled flights

United States

With all the complaints lately with Spirit airlines, I hesitated to fly with them. Well I am so sorry that I did. Supposed to be budget, well you have to pay $10 for boarding pass at gate each way per ticket, so $40 for 2 people. Around $170 spent for 2 peices of luggage round trip. you are allowed 1 personal bag, as in a purse. Do not even give you a bottle of water. After all add on's, no way it cheaper. Ist leg of returning flight from St. Martin to FLL, was delayed over an hour, with some lame excuse. Arrive in FLL to a message that our flight was cancelled to Orlando, which was our final destination.NO EXCUSE. We were told we would be bussed 3 1/2 to 4 hours... Not even trying to rebook flights...There was an employee standing around screaming out messages for several different flights. Assuming the same thing was happening to them.. We rented our own car because the line was forever to wait on bus. Who knows how long that is taking. NEVER AGAIN SPIRIT AIRLINES.

Jun 17, 2017

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