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Spirit Airlines / poor customer service!

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We are very fortunate Atlanta has such a wonderful airport! I've flown into and out of there for years primarily on business trips and until yesterday have never had any problems. Spirit Airlines has to be the absolute worst operated airline out there. They offer practically no customer service and I don't think they should be allowed to operate if this is the best they can do. After my daughter & about half a dozen others who were on her flight from FT. Lauderdale & Orlando had luggage lost we all saw the most uncaring employees we could have encountered. We completed Luggage Claim forms and were told the check back at [protected], or we would hear from them within 24 hours. I started calling that number last night, and have called it all morning. leaving several messages on the answering machine that picks up every call I made I still have not received a return call from them. Finally I had the brainstorm to call Hartsfield Airport customer service and was fortunate enough to be able to find someone who cared enough to look for the luggage and guess what? It's there! But, they told me that they don't know what is going on with Spirit Airlines, they have 25-30 consumers per day who have lost luggage upon arrival in ATL. And, they also told me they answer many, many calls for complaints from people who have the same problem as I did not being able to reach anyone who works for Spirit, and encountering very unhelpful employees at the airport.

I don't believe a company who operates in this manner should be allowed to operate! We consumers deserve better than this. To top it all off Spirit charges $10 for each bag you check in, which we weren't notified of until after we had purchased a flight ticket from them.

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  • An
      7th of Dec, 2007
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    I completely agree. My complaint with Spirit is in connection with a double charge to my credit card which they made and which they claim takes 10-14 business days to reverse. I spoke with my credit card company who told me they have this problem with Spirit ALL the time.

    Once the double charge goes on, it takes many calls and pleading to have it reversed. My credit card company says they sometimes will receive a fax from Spirit to have the charges reversed but Spirit claims they don't ever fax anybody. I think it's fairly obvious why they hold our money for almost three weeks.

    Something needs to be done about this disgraceful "customer service".

  • Ja
      7th of Jan, 2008
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    Spirit Airlines - Poor customer service
    Spirit Airlines
    New Jersey
    United States

    I called spirit airlines to change my return date, which they did at an added fee. Ok, but when I got my confirmation via e-mail they listed my wife as the passenger not me, so I called again only to get a non english speaking person after 6 phone calls. They didn't understand what I was talking about, and hung up on me. In checking a little later in the day I saw they cancelled the entire reservation without even letting me know. What would have happened when I went to the airport after driving two hours only to find that was I stranded with no seat. These people are stupid. I e-mailed spirit twice and didn't even get a reply. There is no customer service telephone number that I can find to complain. Spirit has a lousy way of doing business. If they keep this up they won't be in business long.

  • Ma
      8th of Jan, 2008
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    They are stealing my money, from my debit account, this is
    ridiculous, in stead of $9.00 dollars they took $6O.OO out of my debit card and nobody wants to give me an answer.

  • Ma
      8th of Jan, 2008
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  • Da
      22nd of Jan, 2008
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    Spirit Airlines - No customer service!
    Spirit Airlines
    United States

    We arrived on our (late) Spirit flight, but our luggage did not. We filled out the forms at the counter, along with 50 other passengers from our flight and were told they were just 'delayed' and would be sent to our hotel. 24 hours later - still no bags. On the advice of a hotel guest who went to the airport earlier in the week and found their own baggage, my husband set off to the airport with several other passengers. Day 2 of our vacation he spent searching the mounds of luggage at the airport and the carousels as each flight arrived. No luggage. I spent the first 2 days sitting in the shade in black pants and a black sweater calling all of the Spirit Airlines customer service numbers. All were either busy or a recorded message advised you to call back later. Day 3 - luggage is delivered to us, but it's not ours. We see that our bag tags (the long white ones the airline puts on) are on someone else's bags. They mixed them up at check-in. We check the personal tags and call the owners of the bags. We check our messages and they have done the same. They are in another country and have 1 of our bags. We notify Spirit, but nothing is done. The other families bags remain at our hotel bell desk for 2 more days. One of our bags gets delivered on the 5th day and nothing is being done about our other bag because we don't have a tag number. WE contact the other people and find out all of the tag numbers they are missing - and notify Spirit of these numbers. We think one might be on our missing bag. THEY DON'T DO THIS. WE DO. Still, they can't track it. We persist, make calls, find the location of our bag and over the course of 4 more days we try to convince a number of Spirit employees to do something about it. Finally, one woman does. Our bag arrives on the 9th day, but no thanks to Spirit. Our children don't get a gift on Christmas day - they were in our luggage. My youngest son no longer believes in Santa.

    Now - to add insult to injury, Spirit is not going to reimburse us for our out-of-pocket expenses during the 9 day search for our luggage. We 're not asking for compensation for the fact that they completely ruined our vacation -- just the expenses we incurred during this period. Taxi fares to the airport, telephone costs for all of the calls we had to make and full reimbursement for the few clothing and toiletries we were able to purchase. They have not apologized and are not doing the right thing.

    WARNING! DO NOT FLY SPIRIT AIRLINES! You will regret your decision.

  • Ka
      2nd of Feb, 2008
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    Spirit Airlines canceled my returning flight because I missed my departing flight due to a snowstorm that hit the city. When I called the airlines and asked them if they could put me on another flight because I was not going to make that flight due to the weather. They told me that they could put me on a later flight which would have been at 4:05 p.m. I explained to them that i had a family emergency and I would have to get there in the morning. (My original flight was at 4:05 and I paid the extra 70.00 to do that) So i went ahead and I had to buy another ticket for 200 dollars from another airline to get there. They said that your returning flight would be ok. That was not the case they canceled my returning flight because I did not get on the departing flight. So now here I am stuck in New York City and I have to be to work on Monday, and now I have no money. I called and ask them if they can just give me a voucher and they old me then that no I could not and that they don't really are how I got back home.

  • Ta
      29th of Apr, 2008
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    Spirit Airlines is one I would never recommend to anyone. I purchased tictects with them thinking yes, I got a good deal on flights. By the time Spirit brung me and my boyfriend to reality its a done deal. We will never fly on this airline ever again. I would rather pay the extra money, because in the long run you get what you pay for.

    The flight attendents were rude. They continued to yell at everyone on the plan...sit down, hurry to your seats, sit down, hurry to your seats. That went on for approximately 5 minutes. When we reached our destination, it happened again...sit down; and this time she yelled it. I thought this is what we paid for.

    They managed to lose our bags. I thought they would reimburse me for something, because the purpose for our flight was to attend a wedding. Needless to say, we didnt make the wedding. We had no clothes nor did we have toothpaste. I took for granted that Spirit Airlines knew what they were doing; like the other Airlines. It was a terrible experience. They had our luggage for 2 days, because it was the weekend. Our hands were tied. We would have gladly purchased more, but we was going to Las Vegas on Monday to do our own thing...elope.

    Back to their customer service it really is TERRIBLE. Our flight out of Laguardia was cancelled; and no one called nor emailed me to notify me. We felt stranded in NY. When we stepped to the ticket counter I was prepared to remined them to make sure they put a transfer tag on our bags, but they got us. The attendent said to us on Monday that the next available flight is on Wednesday. My boyfriend and I got mad instantly; and complained about the customer service from the moment we got on their plane. Thank God the manager refunded my all my money back. I did not question him, except how much and when. I thought it would be for the remainder of the flight, but it was for everything...We was happy.

    We booked the remainder of our trip on Delta Airlines. What a difference! The attitudes were so much better. The flight attendents laughed and played with the customers on board. The seats was more comfortable for the boyfriend...he's 6'3." We will never fly Spirit again. I wished I had the time to picket in my hometown, Orlando, to warn everyone; but I have to go back to work. Posting this would have to do for now.


  • Ga
      29th of Jul, 2015
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    July 28 2015 Houston to Lax flight lost baggage. Reported to Spirit baggage claim. Horrible no customer service. Left numberous emails and voicemails. No responds. I will see them in small claims court.

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