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Spirit Airlines / lost luggage / changed sits / not willing to refund

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To whom it may concern;

I am writing this letter being disappointed by spirit airlines service and I want to share my experience for your information.
On november 1st, 2008 I had a flight number nk807 from dca (ronald reagan national airport) to sxm number nk100 (saint martin - princess juliana international airport) with stop in fll (fort lauderdale international airport). at first when we checked in we had a mess because of spirit representative was not paying attention that we flying to st. martin, however being informed about it, we been checked in as local flight to fll and got only two tickets to airplane instead of four. plus to it we been seated separately; my pregnant wife in front big sit that I paid for and I was downgraded to regular sit in the back (representative promised us a credit $100 but never explained how it will apply, "just call airlines, and they will figure out" was her answer).

When we arrived to fll suddenly when we tried to check in, we have been told that we does not have any reservation to sxm because we been checked in as local flight from dca to fll. we been in shock, imagine how much stress my wife got, she was on her fifth month of pregnancy. after a while we been fixed to our plain, my concern was about our luggage. we had two checked in luggage’s one at the beginning at front check point and another at the gate. and both of them had different stickers which I informed local authorities about this inconvenience and they promised me that everything will be just fine that they will deliver my luggage to the plain which we were flying. first I was told the same at fll check in, while they were looking the sits for my wife and me, second time at fll "lost and found" department where I left my information, and at last at the gate to the plain, plus in the plain. everywhere I was assured that everything will be just fine, and I should not worry about. however it made us more nervous, me and my pregnant wife.

My worries come true, when I finally was at luggage claim and never received my second luggage! there where our entire the second small back which I intended to take as handy were only shoes. I opened a claim at local airport (princess juliana international airport), receipt is included. and I was promised that next day my luggage probably will be delivered by american airlines, because it made to local authorities sense that if luggage lost and spirit airlines flies only ones in a week it was supposed to be delivered by next airlines who flies to st. martin. we had nothing to do just to make a claim and leave with nothing. imagine how much stress to my pregnant wife and me. I got this vacation to her as a present to have some rest from everyday stress at work. that’s what I received for my money.

From my hotel where I was staying (sonesta great bay resort) I was calling almost every day to airport authorities (receipt from hotel for phone charges is included). I was told that american air lines never delivered my luggage and I was supposed to wait until next week spirit airlines arrival. that is the day when we were supposed to depart! that completely broke me down; I purchased additional internet minutes at hotel (my wireless card was at lost luggage), and if I was calling to spirit airlines I will be bankrupt. I send several emails to spirit airlines (copies included) and only respond received apologies informational notes. no calls, no information. by the way I find numerous same type complaints failed against spirit airlines, even law sues. how I been so naïve not to check them before I purchase those tickets.

Being locked from any information I found on the back of my luggage lost form that spirit airlines responsible for any purchases made if luggage was not delivered in five days. plus my wife being constipated and I had special medicine in my luggage for her. I was desperate, I run to local medical authorities to get help for my wife who started feeling really bad. I got medicine for her by our own expense. I was supposed to get some cloth for both of us, because except our sport clothing that we had on upon our arrival plus bag of shoes, we did not have anything. I was sending several messages to spirit airlines, no answer by email, no phone calls.

I spend $400 for clothing, doctor visit ($100), medications for my wife ($25), and I think when we will be back to us I will bring her to our doctor. if he finds that she has any additional problems caused by that. spirit airlines will be responsible.

For any of my purchase I got receipt, picture and description.

On november 8th, 2008 when we got to airport and talk again face to face to local authorities regarding our lost luggage. funny, but I was promised that if it will be delivered to our room. my wife specifically gave them our room number and my phone number in case if it would happen. to our surprise when we started arguing about our luggage on hundred times, I was expecting that at least I will get it from same spirit airline flight 101 that I was promised it will be delivered. I was informed that my luggage was delivered, but I never received it. I was asking at hotel front desk every day two times, I was sending emails to spirit airlines and got no answers. but somehow it was delivered exactly on my departure day. I was devastated. I was writing this letter while I was flying back to the states where I will have a numerous arguing with spirit airlines.

But I will be sending this letter to bbb, attorney general, and local scams information department. everybody should know how ridiculous this company. how my pregnant wife and my vacation was particularly ruined by this company.
I just want reimbursement of $700 that I spend, and presuming will be spending because of them for none respecting to their own customers. funny, but I still never got my luggage back, I am flying back without it; it somewhere in st. martin - spirit airlines authorities promised me to send it back, but I don’t believe their promises.

P. s. except I was spending money for clothing, toilet accessories and sun block creams plus stool softener for my wife, I got my luggage back on november 18, 2008, 18 days later after numeros calls to spirit main office, spirit luggage center in fll and dca. french cologne was simply stolen out of my bag, my wife’s father gave me as present on my birthday (cost $70).

Thank you for your cooperation.

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