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Speedway East Gas Station / fraud & scam

1 3688 W Grand Ill 132Gurnee, IL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 847-244-1144

I have been going to the Speedway gas station for years, mainly because of their lower prices and their rewards program, which is better than any other gas station I have found. However, over the last couple of years I have noticed that a few times per month (sometimes more), the gas price gauge jumps up a few cents (to as much as 50 cents) before I even touch the trigger to start pumping gas.

Let me quickly go through the process I routinely do while pumping gas. I first put in my rewards card, then my credit card. Immediately I pull the nozzle from the holster and place it into the car's fuel tank (I do not touch the trigger). That is the last time I touch the nozzle until I pump the gas. Now, I press the type of gas I want (87 octane), then it asks for me to enter in my zip code to verify my credit card information. As soon as I do that, the gas pump is activated and the gas price gauge zero's out, then immediately jumps up .02-.05 cents. Keep in mind; I have not touched the trigger at all yet. I believe the term for this is called 'Pump Jumping'.

I have called corporate office numerous times as well as reported it to the manager. They say that they will look into the issue, but the problem keeps happening. One of the managers told me recently that air bubbles in the gas line cause the pump to jump up a few cents before pumping, but jumping up .28 cents is ridiculous! I have also tried to get in touch with the franchise owner with no luck. This is really starting to get frustrating, and I would like this issue to get resolved.

I have over a dozen videos recorded from my cell phone's camcorder showing the pump ripping me off from start to finish. I pump gas at this location 4-5 times a week which is probably why I noticed this problem happening to me so many times. How many other people have this problem happen to them, where they just decide it's not worth talking to the attendant over a few cents?

I have even asked the attendants to reset the pump or give me a refund on the charges, but then refuse and basically insult me stating that I do not know how to pump gas correctly. This is clearly not the case and I have let this problem drag out way too long. I am now taking this issue to the next level to see what can be done about this issue!

Please, anybody, look into this issue for me and inform me what my options are.


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