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Speed Post India / Missing Parcel

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I sent a parcel SpeedPost to Mexico on 27 November 2007. The parcel has not arrived and the post office won't file a complaint saying it will get there and its just late. The date now is 03.Jan 08 and the parcel has not arrived. I have had to refund the customer US$700 and have had to bare the costs of the goods $500+ so my loss is US $1200.00.

This is not all. 80% of parcels sent from Australia/US to India are stolen through International Post in India. If they do arrive they are opened and goods inside are stolen. I have lost over US$1000 in goods stolen by India Post Employees in the last year. They will even steal registered and insured mail.

The picture for India is this. India will lose millions of dollars in international trade unless they clean up their dishonest postal system. Overseas companies will not send to India. Multi-Billion dollar EBAY-INTERNATIONAL will not send parcels to Indian Citizens, and Ebay-India will be unable to get off the ground as its doors continue to remail closed to international trade, due to its corrupt postal system.

Wake up India.

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  • Ra
      22nd of Jan, 2008

    Yes. The parcel I sent from US to India which is insured has clearned cusstoms in India within 5 days but had not been reached the given address from customs. I am very distressed by their present methods being followed for delivering parcels. It is creating a unpleasant and distasteful view of India to the world.

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  • Ma
      29th of Jan, 2008


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  • Ra
      15th of Mar, 2008

    I sent a post to IBS,HYDERABAD on 4/3/2008 from Bokaro Steel City.
    Head Office-Bokaro Steel City.Jharkhand
    Number:SP EE 872749872IN
    Counter No:OPCODE005

    I want to know whether it has been received or not?

    Please do reply.

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  • Me
      25th of Mar, 2008

    I have just stolen 30 sarees I collected during my four months travel from all over India by PUSHKAR GENERAL POST OFFICE.
    I feel so exhausted. After all these traveling, being ripped-off,
    snuffed-off ("Just two sarees, madam? We have much bigger deal with other clients, etc"). I bargained hard and cheated to pay whole lot for the products, and then paid 100 rupees per parcel to that arrogant packing wallah who demands me to pass him the packing cloth, and finally give everything away to GPO so I can go home with empty pocket and empty hands and guts full of anger feeling useless.

    PUSHKAR GPO: stealed three registered parcels full of sarees. Hope they're enjoying them.

    CHENNAI GPO: kindly offered me to sit and wait while they wrap
    my parcel so they can snatch four sarees out of it.

    UDAIPUR PO: after a hard bargaining, I had my parcel sewed up. Then this lady demands it takes a box inside to SEND THE PARCEL SAFELY. Yeah, safely. So I repack the parcel with box,
    pay TWICE for the parcel packing. Finally when all the procedure was over, she refused to give me the receipt and instead
    showed me a notebook with positive comments from other travelers and asked me to believe in her. Just then a guy from GPO came with a bag and snatched my parcel away.

    Finally I need to indicate there are a whole lot of reliable,
    helpful people with good heart, and for many times I got
    my parcel delivered intact. But we should never let our fence
    down I guess.

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  • Kh
      4th of May, 2008

    A document had been sent to wipro GE Medical systems 249, Ist floor, okhla inds estate, phase III, New Delhi - 110020 from soura institute of medical sciences soura srinagar kashmir on07/06/2007 thru speeedpost bearing Document No:899823188 IN.

    Till now it has not been recieved.

    kindly let us know the status.

    khurshid Ahmed
    for :Wipro GE Medical systems India pvt ltd

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  • Bh
      5th of May, 2008

    A parcel had been sent to me by IGNOU (Indira Gandhi Open University), and i have confirmed that parcel is despatched from had office but i didnt recieve it and postal staff says that there is no any parcel for you, this parcel is very argent for me and i have no more time, so please take some proper action and try to find it withine time (i need it withine 6 days), the tracking ID of my parcel is "ED 499318359IN"...

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  • Rn
      14th of Jul, 2008

    My cousin in Australia sent me some used books that she had borrowed from me over the years - to avoid loss, she had provided detailed customs declarations, and sent by registered and insured post with extra cover, to my office address. She posted it from Melbourne and they traced it to Mumbai around 10 days ago. From then on, there has been no trace of the parcel. It's 10 days now, but I'm still hoping...

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE, if whoever nicked it is reading this, those books HAVE NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, and are only some modern fiction paperbacks. They belonged to me in the first place and were merely borrowed over the years and returned by my cousin. Some were presents from relatives who are now deceased. Please, please, please, let me receive my books. According to the customs rules, books can be imported free of duty. I am not even importing these! I am even willing to pay duty if required, as several people who gave me these books are no more and the books are all I have. The tracking no is CV085728809AU.

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  • Si
      18th of Jul, 2008

    I sent a packet of 5.390kgs which was fully insured to india to my parents who live in jalandhar(punjab) from greece on 30/6/2008.It was to reach my parents within 7-1o days but it haven't reached yet.Where is my parcel?Where is it?I want to know the details.The no. is CP273121053GR.

    So please give me the response as soon as possible.

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  • Sa
      27th of Aug, 2008

    i am supposed to recieve parcel From Us as it was been sent to me by my friend on 2-aug-2007 but i am still waiting for it and there is no way i can track it ... plz help me out ...

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  • Am
      28th of Jun, 2009

    I hope indian services will surely help me. lets see what happen. After the Action only I send the comments.

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  • Gu
      18th of Sep, 2009

    India postal service in general very bad. I tried to send parcel, greetig cards etc. But every time the parcel was opened and things were stolen and greetings cards evern reached on time, sometimes did not reach at all. Indians are knows for their foul play. I think they need to be honest and trustworthy to work in the post office and get rid of their greed. I am ashamed of my Indians fellow beings.

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  • Jv
      20th of Sep, 2010

    I booked a parcel to my son at Toronto by SAL postal serveice on 23.7.2010. Books & some herbal products are inside the parcel. Still the parcel has not been recived at Toronto end. Post office at chennai registered a complaint & they have passed on the information to Mumbai foreign PO. They are giving complaint nos & asking the addressee to contact Toronto Postal end. The Toronto postal end is asking for track no . Iam giving my local end track no but they are not recognising. This is the situation with the Postal department. Anybody Pl help me to contact the Toronto Customs contact nos if any to track the parcel. It contains books worth Rs 15000 which is essential for my sons studies.


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  • Gi
      21st of Nov, 2011

    My son from USA sent me a parcel containing 3 ready made pants.15 days later the Trivandrum GPO called me to collect the parcel.I was shocked to see the parcel was already opened and the contents disappeared and replaced by childrens books.
    When I complained to the post master general, Kerala he did not bother to reply.Finaly I approached RTI and the CPIO wrote me a detailed letter and even adviced me to approach the Appellate Authority, although all the senior post office staff know well that nothing can be done to get back the parcel.

    I want to know why Minister of POST and Telegraph complaint to the police to catch these thieves.

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  • 00
      6th of Jun, 2014

    I sent a parcel or package under 4 lbs, International First Class Mail, it cleared Chicago, Ill USA the 22 of April, 2014
    Now the date of Delayed Delivery is 6/6 2014, and no package. It was sent in care of a Company in India, and to a person in the IT Department. I have emailed several times the Post Master General in Delhi and his Assistant, and all they keep sending me is a Delivery Report, that is timed and dated where I cannot open it quickly, and do not even understand what is said on the Delivery Report. All they had to do was deliver it to the Company, and the Mail Room take it to the IT Department to the person.

    I am so sick of this, but have told the Post Master General in Delhi, that all this is totally unnecessary mis management of their service, and it is not fair for them to hold mail that is paid for by the sender, and the person that is getting the Mail.

    I am not for sure who I am complaining to, but really need to have them send the mail back to the Sender, Me, but so far they have not said anything about that option. Hope someone has some ideas as to what I can do.

    Thank you

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  • Sv
      16th of Jun, 2014

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    My fiance had sent me a pacakge via speed psot tracking # et

    167621517in from chennai pallikaranai, i recieved it a week late(in gurgaon)and to my horror the contents were stolen! please resolve or guide me for the issue as the hard earned money has been gone due to the corrupt postal services. i am in state of sadness.

    S vikas singh

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  • Sk
      3rd of Jul, 2014

    my content stolen from speed post parcel..sent from Delhi to hyderabad. June 2014.. moreover attitude of these postal officer is like go to hell do what ever you can do.
    FOR all stolen contents please use twitter to update ministers, Indians, with trending hastags and send it as many times as possible every day. spread this to those who have complained.. wakeup and stop these malpractices... those who want to raise voice with us please retweet all such complaints as many times as possible.

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  • Sh
      13th of Jul, 2014

    After reading all the above comments cant say anything but ask, are thieves operating the postal system in India?, No wonder no one is ready to send parcels to India, even i had ordered some small parcels from HongKong through registered airmail but even after 25 days there is no sign of the parcel . Why dont they understand that they are writing their own doom and they are giving the business to FEDEX, UPS, TNT etc on a platter. please do something or Indian post will be wiped out by these multinationals in the years to come.

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  • Ka
      5th of Aug, 2014

    I havent received my parcel from New Zealand as well. After reading the above, I'm dreading that its going to be stolen, and it was expensive - 15, 000 INR. Its just crazy. If I reorder I am surely going to give it to an international courier company, even if it costs me a couple of grand more. This is absolutely not acceptable.

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  • Ak
      20th of Oct, 2014

    This is what all about India...
    PM should concentrate about internal trading instead of talking about export from india.

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  • Ng
      15th of Nov, 2015

    i had sent my parcel in speedpost on 2nd Nov. from Sector 15 CHANDIGARH to Manipur, it has to be delivered within 7-10 days, but it's not delivered till now. I had tried to track the parcel but it shows the tracking update of 2-3Nov.please i request the authority to look after such problems and Plizzzz help me out in finding my parcel
    Tracking number is EP355266289IN

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