Snap Fitnessunethical business practices of the twinsburg, oh location

My conversation with Bill (the franchisee) started off as me understanding the auto payment process and how as a contract member I am subject to it. Next I inquired about the fee increase for April. There was a $20 fee increases, which is now an annual increase, to all members for the month of April. As a result, my account was affected adversely. He stated there were signs posted in the facility. When I asked him to send me a copy of the membership agreement since I no longer live in Ohio and where I live has no Snap Fitness I wanted a copy. My reasoning was so I can read where it say fee increases are allowed.He did not send me a copy via email nor taking a picture of it with his phone that states something along the lines of fees being increased due to the franchisee's decision. Lucky, I found the member agreement online. No where in the agreement does it say fee increases can happen though Bill told me he would take a picture of that section of the agreement. Being a contract member, I signed a contract to pay a set rate. I did not sign a contract to pay a set rate plus increases when the owner sees fit. I believe something needs to be done about this behavior because I am sure Snap Fitness would not want their image tarnished by one individual they entrusted to run one of their facilities.

Apr 28, 2017

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