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Snap fitness has a cancel policy that screws every member 1 additional month of fee's after you quit. You are billed for the current month on the first of every month. If you were to cancel on say the 5th of that month - they charge you for the entire next month. This is deceptive billing practices. The State Consumer Protection Agency needs to step up and stop this. Snap Fitness is a consumer rip off. DO NOT JOIN THIS FITNESS CLUB. There is no way I would ever recommend this to any friend or family member. They basically get every single person for 1 extra month as they quit. Snap Fitness ***.

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  • Ju
      Dec 28, 2010

    Terror: you seem to be mathematically challenged. Snap bills you on the first of the month for your next 30-days access to the gym. Are you saying you want to use the gym FIRST, and then pay?
    You can cancel at anytime, and the company policy is to give them 30-days notice. That is quite reasonable, especially since you don't need any proof why. I was at a gym once that locked you into a 12-month contract, no freeze or cancellation option unless it was for a medical reason and you brought in a letter from your doctor. Snap is more than fair in granting you the ability to cancel anytime. So if you cancel on the 5th, you have already, in the past, previously, whatever you call it, paid for your month. When you cancel on the 5th, you still have the RIGHT to use the gym until the 30th since you already paid for the service.

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  • Ho
      Apr 05, 2011

    "Terror" is wrong and "Just Sayin's" answer it too confusing. When you join Snap you pay a prorated first month and a full last month. It's in your written contract, and, at my local Snap they also told me verbally. Snap charges my credit card on the first of each month. So if I want June to be my last month (and I already paid for the last month) I need to notify Snap before they charge my credit card for June. In other words, I need to notify Snap of the cancellation in May. If I don't make that deadline, then the last month of my membership will be July. Simple.

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