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Smart Style / bad service

1 44 South Monroe StreetTiffin, OH, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 567-220-7057

I went to the salon and told them i wanted a body perm. The girl done the perm and when i got up the next morning my hair was all dry and frizzy and didn't even look like a perm. So i called them up and the manager told me she would do 2 conditioning treatment on my hair and then she flat ironed it. When she used the flat iron she burnt my head now i have yellow-like scabs in my hair and my hair is still messed up. They never offered my $45.oo back that i spent on my hair and it still looks like crap. I want to know what i can do. Thanks Shelly

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  • Va
      9th of Sep, 2008
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    I wanted a very simple alteration to my current style; when I went in my hair was long and straight (to about 2" below my bra strap). The stylist (Jalicia) was finishing up a braid on a young girl. When she finished she tendered them out and sat me in her chair. She asked what I had in mind. We looked at a photograph and told her "I want my hair like this you know, just layered from my shoulders down" (showing her with my hand motioning from the shoulder downward to my elbow). She repeated what I said, wet my hair with a water bottle and proceeded to cut.

    An hour into the procedure I realized that she was using the same comb on me that she had used on the girl she styled before me. She never left the area to sanitize her tools and there was no sanitizing solution at her station. So I decided that I was going to purchase some tea tree shampoo which I saw in the retail area, as I know it has antiseptic properties.

    When she finished she handed me a mirror and I could now see that she had cut off from my shoulders down (eight inches of hair, gone). I was shocked and cried. I just wanted to go home and make the best of it, since the damage was done and irreparable.

    Around 8:00 pm I finally tried to style my hair, this is when I discovered that I had large gaps and choppy, uneven layers in my hair. From one side of my head to the other there was up to a 2" difference. My husband convinced me to return for another of the site's stylist to fix it. I knew the shop didn't open until 1:00 on Sunday so I arrived at 1:10. The shop was still closed so I went to asked Wal-Mart Customer Service for guidance as to how to proceed. The Store Manager advised me to call Regis Customer Service as the shop is not governed by Wal-Mart it is simply renting space, and she did not suggest my waiting for them to come in as she knew of two other complaints having been made against them in the past couple of weeks. The Store Manager wrote down the 800 number for Regis Customer Service for me. I left and went directly to another salon for a corrective cut. They too had heard the recent horror stories and in order to correct the style and make me presentable she had to cut another 2 inches, just to even it out and I still have a gap on the right side that she did her best to blend so it's not so obvious. So now my hair sits just above my collar.

  • Wh
      7th of Mar, 2009
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    You need to call customer service... Regis corp and let them know what happened. they will be willing to work with you... make sure when you call you have the salon name location and store number that should be on your reciept... hope that helps

  • Tb
      13th of May, 2009
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    I went and had my cut and highlights put in one month ago. The highlights cameout almost orange and she didnt evenget them close to my sclap there were awful. Despite my good judgement Iwent again yesterday 05-12-09 this time Ihad the highlights removed and my hair colored to fix the last stylists mistake. After getting my hair colored it came out a dark red/brown color with light brown showing through. And the light brown was not where I had the highlights originally. I then got a haircut. Can I tell you jacked up!!! It looked like I had three duck tales in the back of my neck, the sides were uneven to the point that severalpieces fro at least 2 inches longet then the rest on both sides. Also Ihave a huge chuck of hair missing behind my left ear that sticks out like a sore thumb!! I had to go to another salon to have it fixed. The stylist did what she could ut point blank told me that would have to wait at least 2 months for my hair to grow out before she could really fix it. Afterlooking I had dye all over my ears and the back of my neck. Its bad when you go to one salon then have to go to another to try to have your hair fixed. Did i mention that I had to blow dry my own hair in the salon too. And all of that tobe charged $ 75.00 with no refund. SO i called today to talk to the manager and was told she wasnt there and I would have to call back, but since I didnt complain yesterday theres was nothing to be done. Does n e one have a cooperate number I could call. Alexandria, Louisiana smart style located in Walmart on 28 West. Stay away from this place!!!

  • Lo
      20th of Apr, 2010
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    Sorry to hear something like that has happened to you, if you call Regis corp. does not work you could even take it to Ohio Stateboard of Cosmotalogy and ask them what they can do for you, or what way they can leaned you to help you. Did you ask for your money back? If so, they should have done so, there is a way to do that on their computer, I should know, I have worked for that same company. That is also another reason I will not work there again, they have people work there that just came out of school or people that don't know what they are doing... The manager that I worked for just got out of beauty school not even a year and then came there and got a managers job... She has not had the experience that a manager should have, they would hire anyone... I am sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience there, but there are people out there does know what they are doing, you just need to ask a lot of questions and ask around who your friends go to... Don't be afraid to ask the person questions that is going to do your hair!!! I personally have a picture album of most of my work so I can show people that I am able to do good work, it is always nice to be able to see there work... Seeing is believing...

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