Sleep Number Bed / Complaint

United States

We have one of these beds and it has sunken in the middle. (Not an issues if you want to roll toward the middle every night...) Called the company regarding the warranty. They pro-rated the warranty and we paid the $400+ to get, per their recommendation, new foam rails and the divider replaced (via said prorated warranty). We did this first after talking to the customer service folks and heeding their recommendation to do so, thinking this would solve the issue. It didn't.

Called customer service again, and again they pro-rated the warranty and said it would cost me almost $600 to get a replacement zipper enclosure/cover that houses the air chambers. (Expanded Queen, model 7000, purchased for $3200+ in 2006) No other options provided.

Customer service also said "I see you used your warranty to get the replacement foam rails/divider. So you should be familiar with how we pro-rate the cost..." So they can see your account when you call in, and how much they charged you for ANY warranty work. Just BEWARE!

So, that would come to around $1, 000 FOR WARRANTY WORK!! I could buy a higher end box and mattress set and have money left over for that amount for WARRANTY work!!

I haven't had a good night's sleep in over a year... 20 Year Warranty, my eye... what a racket!!! If I knew back in 2006 what I know now about this company, I wouldn't have purchased this bed! I hope, at least, that the saleslady got a good commission!!


Jan 22, 2015

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