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I found this agent on skyscanner, made a reservation, paid cost of ticket online and got conformation mail. They issues an invoice from a place in Poland, without sending an eticket. The itenary was sent in the text of mail. Now my friends are trying to reconfirm the flight details from concernd airline - Oman Air - the booking number is not working. I do not know what to do, as I am new here, just for studies. Kindly help. regards

Aug 09, 2018
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  • Gj
      Nov 05, 2018

    I have been trying to contact all day by phone been on hold for hours with no answer. I need to alter my flight details. terrible agents

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  • Sh
      Jul 24, 2019

    Hey there,

    Same thing happened now with me and I don’t know what to do.

    Have you been able to get your ticket?
    Can you please tell me what happened with you as my flight is after 5 days and I don’t know what to do

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  • Mo
      Aug 06, 2019

    I think that it is a fraud. I booked a business class ticket on the site for 1750.Never received a ticket. Tried to check reservation on the eSky web, the answer is that it is not found. I then called customer service. All day on the phone with no answer. Send several e mail no answer. Lost 1750 USD and I have now to book a new ticket. Never use this fraud again> I should have read the reviews.

    eSky!!! I have contacted you on the e mail that you mentioned below but you never answered and you probably will not answer. You took your money and gave me nothing in return. I contacted your emergency phone number for 3 days and keep hearing the music. How on earth could you continue and cheat your customers. I REPORTED THIS FRAUD TO CHASE AND WAITING FOR CANCELLATION OF THE PAYMENT. WHAT A SHAME THAT YOU ARE STILL IN OPERATION.

    In response to eSky reply. This seems to be an automated reply it seems that the whole company is a huge scam with machines and robots taking money from people and having automated responses so that you think that you are calling a customer service or an urgent customer service. However, after you get the automated response on the phone you get the music for the whole day and pay hundreds of $ in roaming fees. Then when you check your reservation on line, it can't find your reservation . Then you send an e mail to the site listed on the web. and get an automated response and wait for ever. I bought the ticket on Friday. It is Tuesday today, still haven't gotten a single response to several e mails.By the way I paid additional fees for service. Ha Ha Ha. Then, when you contact Trust pilot they ask you to send an e mail to a different site, which is not the e mail address provided on the Web . It is probably the same robot that automatically follows Trustpilot and sends to the fools that now believe they will get a response, once they got this unique email.. Check other posts.
    Nio response but money was stolen from my credit card. Please declare this site as fraudulent so that other naive people will be saved from this money trap. Please spread news and protect your friends from this fraud.

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