Skrillaccount active but I can not use

My account is in an active state as shown in the picture. However, it is suspended as shown in the pictures due to the non-activation of the place of residence, although I have sent a lot of papers that I have and confirm my place of residence such as my bank account statement and my credit card statement and my communications invoice. But the papers are rejected because they have my P.O Box and I do not know what is the problem with the existence of my P.O Box number with documents and my account is frozen for more than a month and I can not use it or even get my money and close it and I do not have a solution I can offer other than what I submitted in advance documents and I do not know why this intransigence I do not know why my account is suspended even though it is confirmed by my identity and my characters and you have the supporting papers and you have adopted what you have to stop because of the address
this mine
(ID: [protected])


Oct 05, 2017

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