Skechersvery rude and arrogant manager at nashville, tn store

C Nov 23, 2017

Worst experience ever in a Sketchers. Till now I had a very good impression on Sketchers. Due to some arrogant sales-person/manager my decision changed and never gonna come back to Sketchers. I visited the store 534 at Nashville, TN and asked for Black Friday Savings before purchasing shoes. I have purchased 5 pairs of shoes and paid the bill. After paying the bill, I realized she didnt add Black Friday discount. When I asked about the same to her, she ignorantly mentioned that I need to ask for Black Friday savings then only discount will be applied. How silly it is? When I asked about the Store Manager and she replied that she is the one. How funny it is. Being a manager herself behaving in an arrogant way, how can I even trust others and shop. Also I have asked for different size options. She was very rude in suggesting options. I saw a tagline all over the store that says "I am glad to help you in the size options" or something like that. This looks very funny that Manager herself is not having patience to help customers.

All the time she along with other sales person kept mocking and making fun of us by laughing themselves which looks very weird. I dont know why Sketchers is employing these kinds of arrogant people. I feel sorry for Sketchers.

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