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Aldo Complaints & Reviews

Aldo / handbag

Oct 10, 2019

AldoPurchased this bag a few months ago. I took it out the first time about a week ago for use. Last night, I was brokenhearted to determine that the clasp and zipper is broken. This was my first Aldo bag purchase. I am hoping this is not the quality of all Aldo products. I have heard that...

Aldo / white sandals

Oct 06, 2019

AldoDear Team, I got a sandals from your Aldo store at Infinity mall Malad Mumbai... It's been 3months and you can see on the attached image the condition, how the leather has torn out... I have wore it not more than 3 times and the condition of this sandals is pathetic... I got thi...

Aldo / aldo shoes

Aug 23, 2019

I purchased Aldo shoes in October 2018 and used them sparingly during the 6 months period. From the first month the sole started coming apart and now in around 6 months it has deteriorated to the extent that I cannot wear it. Aldo my question is do you think shoe life is just 6 months. I...

Aldo / shoes

Aug 20, 2019

AldoI bought Also shoes with manufactured effect it has an iron stick on the top and when I Ware it was very tight I ask your team to do the needful but unfortunately after many times keeping the item for few days it still the same and they didn't agree to to give any other options now the...

Aldo / Product: nayeli sliders red

Aug 20, 2019

AldoOrder number: [protected] Bought these sliders late June and started wearing them at the start of July and in the right slider much of the colour has been worn off by the heel and first toe area. I'm complaining because after a month this had already occurred and I've never experienced thi...

Aldo / men shoes

Aug 10, 2019

AldoDear Team, This is regarding my Aldo shoes . I am one of the regular customer who keep buying also shoes from across many stores in delhi / Jaipur or abroad, I am a local residence of Jaipur and your Jaipur Team knows me by my name "Chetan Kakkar" as they know I am regular client. I...

Aldo / bad quality shoe

Aug 07, 2019

AldoHello Aldo Team, I have purchased the ALDO shoe for the first time in my life as i have heard lot of good stories about ALDO brand. Aldo shoes are costly, but still i have stretched my pocket and have gone for it. I was very happy and feeling proud. But my happiness was for very short...

Aldo / bag

Jul 28, 2019

I had bought a brown bag for around 219 odd Dhs from Dalma mall Abudhabi, I had just started to use and hardly 10 days passed by the stitch was gone, and the bag handle has some stitch issues. When I went to the shop, he told me we can fix after about a month when there was no response...

Aldo / bad quality

Jul 14, 2019

AldoReally I am very upset I brought two bags and the two after less than a month both are in very bad situation and sewing cut and the glue also in less than two weeks completely cut off and the quality is more than bad When we went to the shop, the seller refused to refund the money and...

Aldo / service

Jul 02, 2019

I walk in the Aldo store in Cool Springs Galleria in Franklin Tennessee on July 2nd around 5:30 pm and the sales agent is blasting music and all you hear continually is the N word.Its a disgrace to the mall and to the store.I expect to hear back from someone about store policy and...

Aldo / Shoes and footwear

Jun 17, 2019

I'm an old regular customer at Aldo .but 2hat happened with me made me stopped dealing with the store for almost one year. I got a pair of shoes and just wear it once then I found the shoes is making a very bad sound while walking and it hurts my legs and leads to a big hurt in my leg.ibreturned to...

Aldo / poor stitching in bag and there are threads coming out from straps of bag

Jun 16, 2019

AldoI bought a bag from Aldo store in phonix mall Pune one month back ... the sales man gave me bag from his store saying Mam this is new and untouched bag ... I bought the bag and dint even looked at bag because I blindly trust Aldo because iam a old Aldo customer and I have many bags and...

Aldo / aldo slippers

Jun 09, 2019

AldoI was on holiday in mauritius last week and was in the capital.. The caudan waterfront port louis... Happen to pass an aldo shop and like the slippers... Bought 2 pairs. One brown and one golden.. Brown size 39 and golden size 40. Well I started wearing the brown one and the brown leather...

Aldo / shoe colour changed after a week's use

Jun 09, 2019

AldoI bought this light brown shoe on 22nd May 2019 and I where it for a week while I was travelling abroad..I noticed that its colour has changed in few areas. On returning after my travel on 8th June 2019, the very next day I took the shoe with all invoice and its box to the store. But the...

Aldo / verbal abuse

May 12, 2019

The store manager in Aldo Menlo Mall is SUPER rude. I see how she treated one of her employees and it broke my heart. She thought she was being quite about it but when I seen her behavior it completely ruined my Aldo experience. I will never shop there again! Something has to be done about...

Aldo / service / manager

Apr 27, 2019

Attention: APPARELL GROUP -ALDO To whom it may concern, My name is Wayne Olinyk, and I would like to lodge a formal complaint regarding the rude treatment I received by one of your employees who have been the "manager" on the 27/4/2019 at ALDO store in IBN Battuta mall, Dubai, UAE It...

Aldo / complaint

Apr 22, 2019

Hello I went to aldo in cherry hill mall at 9:30am waiting for the store to open to purchase shoes and they did not open on time it was 11:30am and the lifhts were still off, I missed my interview on tour behave, I was very disappointed!!! I love your store but after this incident I won't...

Aldo / I am complaining about the service

Apr 18, 2019

AldoI am buying a bag in aldo accessories when I ask the sales lady to give me a black one she said nothing and when I decided to get a rose colored bag then she said again nothing so I bought the bag and to my surprise the other side of the shop which is aldo also shoes and bags with men...

Aldo / boot sole

Apr 05, 2019

AldoI bought boots from you guys, and only worn them 3 times (in normal weather, no rain or puddles) and the sole of my left boot completely came off. Those boots were over $100 and I feel ripped off. I was given the boots that people try on as well. I wasn't given a fresh new pair of boot...

Aldo / leather handbag

Mar 29, 2019

I bought a leather handbag at Aldo in November. But when you look at the bag now. All the corners of the bag the black colour has come off and it is now like a cardboard colour. I called the store now only to be told they dont sell leather handbags only synthethic leather. Yet when we bought...

Aldo / shoes siresen-96 [protected] 11-8-2 size. 8 1/2

Mar 09, 2019

AldoI purchase a pair of shoes from your Atlantic City New Jersey store a month ago The shoes we're black leather after 2 wears the leather start to peel in front I purchased 3 pr of shoes I felt as if i was purchasing a great product My daughter said i was getting a great product And now im...

Aldo / poor quality of the bag

Feb 03, 2019

I would like to start by saying that I am a huge ALDO fan, 90% of my shoes are from ALDO. In December I bought a bag online from the ALDO website and yesterday was the very first time I used the bag and must add that I am highly disappointed with the quality of this product. I noticed that the L...

Aldo / aldo shoe policy

Jan 23, 2019

I want an Aldo store on Lexington and 58th St. and I received really bad customer service from Travis and I am not sure of his last name but he was very rude and he did not want to help me with what I had to be helped with also he did not let me finish anything that came out of my mouth...

Aldo / worst quality brand.

Jan 12, 2019

AldoI have purchase 2 pairs of Aldo shoes just 15 days ago. 2 pairs for 600 Qatari Rials. And the result is really unexpected. The upper body started removing like rexin. Really a worst brand of shoes i've ever used in my life. I have pictures and bill with me. Please try to change my shoes or...

Aldo / management experience

Dec 30, 2018

I use to be a employee there a little over a year ago ( manager to be exact) and I go to Aldo frequently to buy shoes and bags. I went In there today to exchange a pair of shoes. The store manager looked at the shoes and kinda tossed the box like what do u want me to do with these if u...

Aldo / shoes

Dec 30, 2018

AldoAlso seems to buy cheap shoes and sell them at a very high price. Just after wearing it for 5 or 6 days the sole started to get detach. All they offered me was 20 percent off on next purchase. I don't want a shoe that breaks in few days and the company does not back their products. They...

Aldo / aldo egypt the quality of shoes is very bad

Dec 22, 2018

I have an official complaint regarding Aldo Egypt the quality of shoes is very bad moreover the customer service called retail group Egypt didn't solve my issue and at the end didn't respond into my email. This is your way to handle your clients that they have a complaint? Below is the...

Aldo / unethical behaviour (rude and obnoxious staff)

Dec 07, 2018

I bought 3 chain extensions set from 466 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, 11201 Location (store number 2524).My receipt no is 572565 and the ID of the cashier i dealt with was [protected]. The associate name is Gina([protected]). First of all, i was waiting to pay for my item for 5 minutes while 2 of...

Aldo Red Bag Big Hole / aldo red bag has a big hole. barack bag sagging badly

Nov 28, 2018

Aldo Red Bag Big HoleI bought a red aldo bag when I was in dbn on holiday. I wore it 4 times as its a dress up bag. I discovered in the corner of the bag it has a big hole. The bag is practically brand new and hardly worn. It's disappointing I pd 900 that's not cheap. And I have a black also bag I bought and...

Aldo / customer service

Nov 27, 2018

AldoStore manager rude and speaks inappropriately to customers. District manager requested by customer service to respond to inquiries and complaints but failed to respond or have the courtesy to reply. Poor service stems from the top down. I purchased shoes and explained at the time I may not...

Aldo / lack of product in the store

Nov 14, 2018

Hello. I'm a aldo customer. That lives in the Harlem area in New York. I went in the store to find a store and I was told that they not getting the shoe because of the area. You feel that shoe is not going to sale. Now I'm not understanding why is that. It shouldn't matter where the...

Aldo / customer service and delivery

Nov 09, 2018

Re order Y116827476 Royal Mail tracking No.  JV314343318GB  Hi I am writing to make a complaint regarding the above item which I ordered on the 27th October at your Brent Branch and requested for it to be delivered at Oxford Circus. I received an emails from Aldo on 29th stating my order...

Aldo / purse

Oct 25, 2018

Dear concern, I went to Makkah -Saudi Arabia in August and bought a red colour bag from Aldo on sale. After returning to my home land Pakistan I used the bag twice and now the Zip has broken .i have been a very loyal customer of Aldo but I was seriously very disappointed by the quality. I...

Aldo / shoes

Oct 01, 2018

I bought a shoes from Aldo shop in Makkah city in Abraj albeit complex for 400 saudi riyals. Since then there is a sound coming from the left pair while touching the ground. This sound is not coming from the right pair. I visited the branch but the female employee after confirming the...

Aldo / complain about service - unethical behaviour

Oct 01, 2018

On 19th September, I was at Aldo Westfield Uk near Shepherd bush and was trying to purchase a pair of black and gold sandals. I saw a lot of scratches on te presented shoes and asked the store seller, a lady to bring a brand new pair of shoes which I wanted to purchased instantly. But...

[Resolved] Aldo / shoe

Sep 28, 2018

AldoOn April 2018, I bought beige shoes and attached pictures and after less than a month the small part below the shoe was broken and I sent it to the Aldo store to be repaired with Aldo original parts, after using it only once it wasn't comfortable and the bottom of the plastic was changed...

Aldo / refusing to exchange my ankle boots

Sep 27, 2018

I have recently bought ankle boots from Aldo. I am a long-time customer. On Sunday I went into the store and was making a decision on which pair to boots to buy. One of the store employees stated that the leather will stretch out because I stated it was hurting on top. She said I can buy...

Aldo / men’s sandals

Sep 18, 2018

AldoBought a pair of men's grey elastane sandals while on holiday from the Mall of Muscat in Oman. Within a month the sandals started giving way. Fraying, tearing and coming apart. Extremely shoddy workmanship and an extremely poor reflection of a well reputed shoes maker brand like Aldo'...

Aldo / aldo shoes

Sep 08, 2018

As I would like to continue my purchase from Aldo I am not sure whether I will get same problem on my shoes chosen. I used to wear Aldo shoes some time more than 2 years but now I don't know what to do. For your info I got pair of boot I use it during 10 years in winter season and still...

Aldo / inappropriate music been played in your store in sunrise, fl sawgrass mills

Sep 06, 2018

Just to inform you that I was at your store in Sunrise Florida with my wife and kids and the music that was been played was very inappropriate for a business where families go shopping with. Very sexual orientated song with very vivid details about the way he likes the way that the...