Skechers / flip flops

I purchased flip-flops in the Grande Prairie, Alberta Sofmoc store. They cost me $47.24 including tax and when I walk in them now which is not even a month later they squeak so it's very embarrassing to have squeaky shoes after I paid that much for them.
Also I've almost went headfirst because the tow part flips and then I trip while I'm in the shoe. They are quite hazardous for me. I'm just wondering what can be done from your end. I do not have the receipt but I do have proof of purchase for May 26 on my bank statement. I was only visiting in Grande Prairie so I don't have a way to just go to the store to return the shoes or see if they will do anything in the store. I'm six hours from them and we do not have a store like that in Red Deer, Alberta.


Jun 17, 2017

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