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Saint Petersbourg, Russia
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After our car rental, Russia office is asking about extra charges for wrongly verified scratches.

- First, they sent photos (of a different date and possibly different car) than the one we rented and returned.

- Second, they insisted on the dirtiness of the car (it snowed and flurried the whole week in SPB) as a justification of the unilateral checking, pointing the date of the photos as a proof. Well. the date printed on the photos is April 18th and we returned the car on April 19th. This should be the end of this absurd claim. We were for half an hour in front of the Sixt booth at around 12 AM and there was no one there (and yes in the other companies).

- Third, the car had, before handled to us on April 11th, dozens multiple similar minor scratches like those on the photos (that we do not recognize anyway). I seriously doubt that the fixing/paint is done one-by-one.

- Fourth. I see, when downloading one of the photos to attach here, that not only the printed date is April 18th. Th e JPG file is April 18!!!. I insist: we returned the car on April 19th.

Please, stop this nonsense as soon as possible.
Julio Lozano

Inna Nesmashnaia
Manager of Support Department
Invoice SIXT
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to me
Dear Lozano Del Amo Julio Angel

You rented a car in Sixt Russia from 11.04.2017 till 19.04.2017, rental agreement №00825-17

At the return time it was "K" in the Check Out- Check In Protocol, it means that the car was dirty. According to p. 1.4 of the Terms and Conditions final car check is made unilaterally by the Lessor after wash appropriate notes in the Check Out-Check In Protocol. After the washing new damage was found: scratch on the rear right door and scratch on the front right door. At the moment we do not have any information regarding the police report for the damage, that is why we have to ask you to pay for it.

According to p.11 of The Terms and Conditions “List of the sum responsibilities for vehicle damages” the sum of damages is:
Front door - 7200.00 rubles
Rear door - 7200.00 rubles
Total amount - 14400.00 rubles.

We ask you to pay for the damage with the help of an authorization letter to 04.05.2017.
If You would prefer that this amount was charged from Your deposit, please do so in a reverse letter.

In the attachment you can find Check In-Check Out Protocol, authorization letter, and photos of the damages.

If you need more information from our side do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Inna Nesmashnaia
Manager of Support Department

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May 4, 2017

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