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I rented a car for two weeks on a road trip and upon return they claimed that this loose piece of plastic that was sort of underneath and behind the bumper was loose and therefore cost 570 dollars to fix. It was a part of the car I never in a million years would have thought to check before renting and even when they pointed it out I couldn't tell that it was even damaged. I also didn't have any incidents on the road that would have caused it. I refused to sign the paperwork admitting guilt and assumed they had dropped it. Then two months later they charged me. Just past the amount of time that my credit card insurance would have covered it (I think this was on purpose so they wouldn't have to deal with the insurance company). These people are total scam artists. Do not rent from them!

  • To whom it may concern,

    Upon further review of your complaint, our colleagues in Iceland have advised that the damage in question was not previously noted and was observed upon return of the car. At that time it is not that you were informed of the damage but refused to sign any documents. As a result, an authorization was taken from the credit card presented upon arrival and charged after 20 working days as per credit card regulations.

    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and giving us the opportunity to review it.

    Kind regards,
    Thomas B.
    Sixt Customer Service Supervisor

Jan 16, 2017

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