Sirius Satellite Radio / fraudulent billing

United States

Cosby of Sirius called me 12/30/2010 and asked for updated billing info, which I gave.

She could not find any record of a credit I was supposed to receive toward my next bill, so I told her repeatedly and emphatically-do not bill... cancel service. She nagged me for 4 more minutes and I hung up.
I have been billed $177 and have no service. I spent 46 min on 1/3/2011 to "customer care", Kirby, who was useless.
I am to fill out a police report, then the charge will be canceled by my Visa issuer. I have also canceled that card, and filed an FTC complaint.

Customer service is worse than negligent: it is fradulent.
This has cost me so much time (cell phone charges) and stress that I want to remove the part of my car radio that can even remind me of Sirius.

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