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Sirius Satellite Radio / stealing my $50 pre-paid gift card

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I am a first time user of the Sirius satellite radio because it was given to me as a gift from my wife. She purchased the radio along with a $50 pre-paid gift card that was supposed to be applied to the first year contract price. I went online, created my account, activated the radio, and provided my credit card to pay the difference of the 1 yr contract. I check my account on the Sirius website and I see that the entire year contract was billed to my credit card, but the $50 pre-paid gift card is sitting in the account as a "credit" or negative balance.

I call customer service (obviously sub-contracted out of India) and ask for the $50 to be refunded back to my credit card. They told me the were unable to do this and that the $50 would be available if I wanted to purchase any other services or renew my contract next year.

This is unacceptable... I don't want any other products and I am not sure I would want another year of service. I called again. And same thing. I asked for a supervisor and I get disconnected.

I will keep trying to get my money back, but I see this as petty theift. The company obviously needs the $50 more than I do... I also contacted the Radio Shack where the radio and gift card were purchased and the manager said he would bring the issue up with his account manager from Siri.

My advice to everyone is don't bother with the pre-paid gift card. It really doesn't provide any value and just gives Sirius an easy way to unjustifiably KEEP you money.

A new frustrated customer, but not for long...

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  • Wo
      15th of Mar, 2009
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    I have many Complaints on Sirius and still never got connected. But this is out of the scope of this topic.

    Back on Topic:

    I too Had a $55 dollar Gift card from Best Buy for Sirius, I come to find out my hundreds of Dollars invested, that you can not sign up with Gift Cards or SHall we call them Pre Paid cards, they still want a credit card.

    Smooth Talking Jim tells me I understand your concern and I can Promise you that we wont charge your credit card, we will put it in lock.

    I said why ? He said for Auto Renewal Purposes, I said I do not want Auto Renewal, I also said I am not sure I want your Product.

    I said if my Pre paid card pays for 3 months worth why not just cut me off If i not add more time after the three months are up ?

    Jim said we cant do that when you sign up for under 1 yr plan does the credit card serve other then Scamming me into AUTO One Year Plan? No Comment, except to tell me thanks for my paitents and his supervisor told him to give me 3 months free in addition to my prepaid 3 months, then asked for my credit card.

    I said Jim if my card is in lock, until I say you can charge on it, then my Prepaid Card Covers 3 months right ? He said yes, I said then
    Why does Sirius need collateral of my credit card? I said you have month to month plans, so what possible service does this credit card serve other then not letting me cut loose from sirius if I decide I not like it?

    I said this is a scam, I said Jim if you can guarantee you won't charge my card, and I not have to have Auto Renew, then what purpose does my card serve ? Other then Scamming me into 1 year?

    He said Wayne They will not charge your card without asking. I said Ok' Jimbo, Use your card and put this so called lock on it. ...Pause, he began to laugh and quite frankly had no idea what to say.

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