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Sirius / lied to me

1 United States

I just had the WORST experience with Sirius. I am a long term Sirius users. 3 subscriptions, some 2-3 years old and 1 is 1 year old. Recently, a radio was stolen. When I called, I was told I could put the sub on hold AND get a new radio from for $10 when I decide. Period. No new activation fee, no radio swap fee.. simple. But at the time, we could not make the decision as we were on the way out of town, literally. In the meantime, Sirius sends me 2-3 times a week emails offering +2 months if I activate a new radio & no fees to reactivate. Now, I call to get that $10 radio, to replace the stolen one, and activate it on my on hold sub and I am told not only can I NOT get the +2 months bonus offer but I MUST PAY a $15 radio swap fee and I CANNOT get the $10 radio I was first offered as that requires at least a 3 month subscription despite me having an open sub. Now, not only does this contradict their emails, it contradicts their original customer support persons offer and claim to me, but I already have an account on hold that has a not used subscription tied to it. But, now I see clearly. They are going to take advantage of my misfortune, since the radio was stolen, and make some sort of money off me for my loss. Period. That is their goal. They will not honor the claims they made to me, they will not give me a break since the radio was stolen and not charge me the $15 radio swap fee nor give me the radio at $10 like they said you would. On top of that, the night before I waited on hold for 1 hour and got disconnected because their hours of operation ended - while I was on hold! No mention of hours in the dreadful recording, no mention of how long my wait time is like most modern hold phone services can do. So, here I am, trying to get a radio to replace my stolen one, conduct business with them, and they make it painfully hard on me. So, let me clue them in on the big picture. Their lack of desire to wave all the fees associated with activating a new radio to replace my STOLEN one (about $15), their lack of desire to give me the $10 radio at the $10 price and not force me to add a renew period on top of that since I already have one on hold for a radio, is going to cost them much more than what they could have saved by just helping me out and making it easy on me. In 2010 I have a year renew coming up... I will not renew. That means, they will loose 3 radio subs.. and 3 radio subs I have had for years and might have kept for years more. So, their desire now to not be flexible in their policy, to charge me petty fees now, will cost them so much more revenue in the future = hundreds if not thousands of dollars of years worth of possible renew sub fees on 3 radios. You know, I do not NEED a radio I pay for. It is a luxury, not a necessity, and even more so in these economic times. You would think they would work to keep me, but instead they push me away with petty fees, misinformantion, changing stories, inflexible requirements, and hoop jumping. Talk about not looking ahead or at the big picture.

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