[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost)non-delivery by postman.

Hi, I'm writing in to complain that on 2 occasions, my parcel and letter were not delivered:

1) A parcel . Non registered. Attempted delivery : 14 Sept 2018.

I was home that day.

There was no attempted delivery slip at my door or in my mail. Only a reminder was received much later which gives only 5 days. By the time I saw the reminder, it was a day late.

I tried to call the hotline to find out if the parcel was still at the Siglap branch or where it had been sent to. But they couldn't help. They say there is no way they can connect to the individual post offices. I am aware that this parcel is not registered and thus cannot be traced. What I was hoping was for them to check if by any chance the parcel was still at Siglap since it was a day late. Or at least if central post office could check on the items just received from Siglap. Neither could be done. This I can understand. It must be tough looking through so many parcels.

It's 21 Nov 2018 today, and my package is lost in space because it got returned to UK. All because a postman would not carry out his duty.

So I next make a complaint about the post man. To this, the hotline asked for many details, checked with the post man, called back to verify more details and finally called and apologised about it and said that they will ensure that this will not happen again. I felt assured unfortunately not for long. But it just happened again.

2) A registered letter. Attempted delivery 7 Nov.

Again I was home. Again, no attempted delivery slip (that would at least have allowed me to ask for a re-delivery.)

Because I only saw the reminder on the last day, I rushed down despite a busy schedule. Spending $12 to and fro, only on returning to my apartment, I realise the staff at the desk had given me the wrong letter. That meant another ride to and fro. It's ok, people make mistakes. I can accept that even if it meant a double trip. But all this because a post man would not carry out the very thing he is employed to do. This is not acceptable.

Your postman would not even deliver a registered mail.

Points to note:

1. No attempt made to deliver at all. The attempted delivery slip is proof that he has sone the job but we were no home. He gets away without performing the basic. How completely blatant. On both attempted dates, I was home. I could not have missed him as there wasn't even an attempt to enter the lift lobby. The intercom is connected to our handphone and there were no missed calls.

2. Your hotline 1607 is useless. They follow protocols with no purpose. They ask for details, take down my number and name and say all the niceties. And then say I'm so sorry I can't help you with that.

3. So many cases but nothing is done! This time, I had brought the two reminder slips to the branch office with the intention of logging a complaint about the post man. I am appalled but glad that there are many same complaints in this area. Appalled that so many complaints and yet this man is still around? Glad that I truly have a case.

Singpost, What are you waiting for? Do you only respond if it goes public?

4. Nothing done with regards to my complaint via the hotline.

5. Not allowed to make a complaint at the branch. Why not? I am told by the counter staff I need to do it online. Already I had spent much time going back and forth to the branch office. I had previously spent much time on phone with your hotline staff. None of these were taken seriously. I need to sit down and write a complaint?! Little wonder the non-diligent postmen are getting brazen. Singpost is so reluctant to act.


Are you able to compensate all the monies I would have to spend to get my parcel back from UK? How about the monies spent to go to the post office to collect my letter? None of this would have happened if the post man simply carried out what he was supposed to do.

If this is insufficient to terminate his services, please change the post man in this district. There is simply no trust in Singpost if you can allow such behaviour from your employee to continue.

There have been previous instances. But now it's too serious and too blatant and consequences are so painful for me, I can no longer take this lightly. If I don't hear from you I will take this public.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Singapore Post (SingPost) Customer Care's Response, Nov 22, 2018

    Dear Customer,

    We are sorry for the unpleasant experience and inconvenience caused.

    I can see from our record that my colleagues from the contact centre are investigating with our delivery base.

    Please be assured that we are on top of this.

    Thank you.

Nov 22, 2018

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