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Up until recently, I've had good experiences with Singpost until I had an item I've been waiting to ship from Japan to Singapore. The item was received on 4 June 2017 but was in the Singpost warehouse for incorrect address ( which was completely my fault, that I am aware of). I never received a call about this however and on the day I was informed that my item should have been delivered on 16 June 2017, I've decided to use the tracking services on the Singpost website and realized my mistake. On June 17 (11am), I called in to the Customer Hotline and informed them of my mistake and the staff asked me to provide them my correct address which I did. In the evening, about 5-6pm on the same day, I have received a call informing me that my item will be sent to me at my address on 20 June 2017 (between 8am-6pm). Everything was going smoothly until 20 June 2017. It never came. I waited another day and still nothing. So I decided to call the customer service hotline again on 21 June and the staff informed me that my item was sent back to Japan on Monday (June 19)!! I was fuming and wanted to know exactly what happened and wanted a compensation for the shipment back to Singapore. With all that rage the staff on the phone can laughon the phone at me and confidently tell me that since all his colleagues have went home already (it was 8pm then), he was only able to investigate and call me back the next day (he promised he will call me back at 8pm btw because I was working). OK then fine. A few hours later (22 June, 05.30am), I received my case num CAS-1507588-P1N8T6. Quite late for a follow up case number don't you think.. Never mind, that's fine.

Next day, 22 June, I had no call from anyone in Singpost at 8pm, so about 11pm or so, I rang them up. Shabom answered my call and informed me that he had no investigation or information about my issue but this time unlike the guy who answered my call on 21 June, he was able to confirm that I did call them and I did received a call on 17 June that someone will send the item to me. It was very late then so he informed me that someone will give me a call the next day by 6pm regarding the investigation. Fine.

So here we are today on 23 June 2017. By 6pm, no one gave me a call and I was giving up on this matter because apparently no one in this organization really understood what customer service recovery and follow up really is about. But get this, I got a call at 8.17pm today. Without any introduction or whatsoever, this lady staff started referring me back to my case number and just repeated the whole incident to me as if from a script telling me what I already know (that my item was sent back to Japan on Mon and that they cant do anything about it and that no compensation can be done and that they were sorry for inconvenience). Here's the best part, while I was asking for more information on what exactly happened, she started saying that she can't hear me on the other line and repeated this line going something like "The customer on the line cannot be heard and that I am going to disconnect the line"3 times before she actually hung up my call. Hilarious! The whole time I was sitting at the same spot when she first answered my call without even moving an inch of my butt off the chair I was sitting on and mind you I was outside where there isn't anything that could have blocked my signal and I am very sure she could have heard me loud and clear.

To add to this, today I've decided to check my item through their website. As seen on the screenshot I've attached (in case another Singpost staff is telling me I'm lying again), apparently only on the 21st, it was received at their Airport Processing Facility, with no information about how my item was already sent back to the sender on the 19. So has it been in Singapore all this time until the 21st?? What in the world is going on???

Look, I hate using this on others but listen: I am a hotelier, I work in the service line and when the fault points to my own or my team's service downfall, it is just and right to actually genuinely say youre wrong and offer a service recovery. Even if you can't compensate me there's so many other ways you could have alleviated this whole issue the best you can. Calling me with your "investigation result" only to repeat every bad thing that's already happening to me and still dare to hang up the call the way you did was a bad choice of action.

To other people using this service, this may very well be an exceptional case for their lackof/verydisappointing service. Again Singpost counter ladies (especially the Malay lady) in Jurong West and the postmen who had sent me my items up till now has been exceptional. Even the postman who passed me my item this afternoon was a great guy. But it's the first time I ever had to CALL Singpost, so first make sure you always get your address correct or else I am cautioning you right now that your next few days will be a pain especially when they've made a mess up.

To Singpost if you do see this, the item is a rare find and I hope you don't lose it midway from all this ridiculous, unneccesary events that is happening. I hope my item will reach to me safely and in perfect condition once it's been sent back to the sender and that I've paid the sender the hefty shipping fee to be brought back here in Singapore. This item should have been here in time for Raya but I guess it won't be the case.

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  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Singapore Post (SingPost) Customer Care's Response, Jun 28, 2017

    Hi Marielyn. We are sorry to hear that. Please be advised that items with incorrect/incomplete address will be returned back to the sender accordingly. Any dispute with the delivery shall be raised with the Sender. Nevertheless, the relevant team has been alerted on this case and one of our consultants will get in touch with you. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Jun 23, 2017

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