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Date- 28/11/18
I have a complaint with SilkAir flying from Siem Reap to Singapore.
Considering you're part of Singapore airlines, Im utterly disgusted with the treatment we received at security and that you supposedly have different rules than them???
My partner always takes a Ridge Monkey Power Pack were ever we travel, this is a portable power pack which enables you to charge your mobiles etc wherever you go without having to use a plug socket. The only problem this has ever caused is in Thailand when we had to remove it from our hold luggage and carry it in hand luggage. This has been in and out of many countries with many different airlines. We have always been told it must travel in our hand luggage, so this is what we did, for all the 6 flights already taken in this holiday. We even asked at all the internal flight security areas and was told to leave it in our hand luggage.
We came across a security supervisor called So Udom, he didn't know what this was and didn't understand what we were telling him. He showed it to his colleagues and from their responses it appeared that they said to let it through. He made numerous phone calls and we asked to speak to his manager. Then Mony Rith (airport authority) appeared and was extremely rude to us, we explained and after about 40 minutes we had to walk away without the power pack, which has now cost £140 to replace.
So Udom kept saying the battery was over the size allowed and Mony Rith asked for the ticket that we were given with our hold luggage tickets on and kept pointing out that it said on there it wasn't allowed. This ticket was given after checking in our hold luggage, so we would not have know this information until it was too late and why would we even think there would be a problem as all other airlines allowed this. We asked for a letter saying they'd kept it so I could claim on the insurance but this request was rudely denied and we were made us feel like criminals In front of all the other passengers. We asked if they could send it and they said no, I know it's not their job but they were not prepared to try and help. When I tried to look at Mony Rith's name badge to take a note of his name, he angrily snatched it back and told me not to touch, so I had to ask him how to spell his name.
On the website it states" •Rechargeable battery packs, e.g. power banks, are treated as spare lithium batteries. The carriage of these items are subject to local regula
•Spare lithium batteries are not allowed in checked-in baggage. They must be carried as cabin baggage only"
This totally ruined what had been the most amazing holiday ever, so I would appreciate someone coming back to me with some suitable explanations please.
I look forward to your reply.

SilkAir website will not accept my complaint??

Dec 08, 2018

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