Singapore Airlines / delayed flight and quality of next flight

Dear Sir/Madam,

Myself and my daughter flew with you on 23rd July flight number SQ317. from Heathrow London to Singapore.

We were delayed leaving Heathrow by 1hour. This in turn caused us to miss our connecting flight to Denpasar.

On arrival in Singapore it was very unorganised and not easy to understand. We were told by one person to run to the next gate to catch the next flight to Denpasar, another said we had to wait until the afternoon for another flight. Eventually we were directed to the immigration department with many forms. These forms were not easy to understand and we had no help. It took 1hour to fill out the forms and queue to pass immigration.

The second flight you rebooked is on in the afternoon was also unpleasant. Both TVs broken, one completely and the other stuck on the same unchosen film, and sat in poor seating. The cabin crew were as helpful as they could have been.

Due to this chaos we have missed a whole day in Bali along with all the bookings/activities we had made. We only had 2 days there.

I am really disappointed with these events.

I (Sarah Geran) am due to fly with you again on the 22nd August from Christchurch NZ (SQ298) to London Heathrow. My daughter (Isabelle Geran) is then due to fly with you on 17th October to London Heathrow (SQ298).

Our airline references are as follows...
U7P4Z5 Sarah Geran.
UAW8DN Isabelle Geran.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Sincerely
Sarah Geran

Jul 27, 2018

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