Singapore Airlines / booking charge

Singapore, United States

This is the Last of a number of contacts with Singapore Airline wherein I tried to obtain a promised refund of $100 ($50 per ticket purchased): Throughout the long process of obtaining tickets through your website (that had recently been renovated when I tried to use it) and then actually booking, the process has been laborious. The website didn’t work, and I finally called your office and was assisted by someone who also had a difficult time ticketing. Finally it was done, and the lady told me that she would not charge me for the additional amount to use your office, since the website was not working. However, the tickets were issued with $50 additional charge on each ticket for not having used the website. First you had to research for some time. Then I was told there would be a refund. Then I was told no refund until after I traveled. Then I traveled and sent a request for the refund, but there has been no response. This is my final request for the refund of $100 for the two $50 charges. After that, I will start placing complaints and notices wherever and however I can."

Dec 16, 2015

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