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Shoprite Plainview NY / for all u parents

1 woodbury rdPlainview, NY, United States

Shopping with my 5yr old... Short and to the point.. Any parent knows how it can be shopping with a a child that doesnt want to be there, or wants a toy or anything and wont stop..
I was one of those parents... Paying the cashier and not realizing I forgot a small item I had place at the top of my bag.. I shouldnt have done that tobegin with,, but my bag was open and overflowing, I wouldnt forget it it right? Not if I through other things on top and it got pushed around in my suitcase..
Security guard grabbed my wagon on the way out.. Took my picture in his tiny room with my daughter on my lap.. Sign a paper or have a lawyer.. I explained this was a compete accident and would pay for the item.. But in there eyes (Rent a cop) once u leave the cashier... U are now a thief, a hard criminal! At least that is how I was made to feel...
If they left the police out of it and signed a form of which I dont even recall what ist was, because I was so distraught.. I would not have a record!!! So I signed this paper and he says there is one more... Now I must pay a fee of$75.00!!
I was so humiliated!! I had to sort of explain to my daughter why we were in there after about nine times from her why she wasnt getting the toy from the machine!
After thinking this over I called and asked for a copy of the document..
"it is confidential" the evening security boy refused to give me his name.. He was accusing me of being a liar like everyone else..
When asked if he was a parent.. He said"I know how kids can be"... He did not have kids nor does he understand... Because he is merely a child himself,,
I hope he is blessed with many children worse then mine!
I will no longer be shopping there, but I was so gracefully told that I am still allowed there... I was given permission by the 19yr old security boys...
Besides the embarassment.. I am afraid taht they are really just looking for anyone to do this to... The more "busts" the more bonuses for them is what I understand.

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