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On february 8, 2010 at 630pm. I went to shoprite to pick up a few things and decided to check out the reduced idems next to the lunch meat deli counter, as I usually do. I picked up 2 bags of christmas hershey kisses at 70 % off, when I checked out I told the clerk that I got them from the clearance rack, but they rang up full price, so the clerk check with her superior and she came to register and told cashier that they werent clearance and to ring it up at $2.49. I then showed the superior a receipt I had in my purse that showed I bought the same bag of chistmas hershey kisses 3 days ago for 66 cents and told her to take that to her manager. And asked her to take them off. I then proceded up to customer service and the teller paged a manager, and one never showed up I then told her to just forget it. I think this is totally ridiciculous, this is not the first time i've had an incident at your the future you should price your clearance items so that this type of incident doesn't happen again. I dont like to be accused of lying, I mean really how humilating, this is the type of service I want when I go to the grocery store, something needs to be done. The teller was very pleasant but the so called superior was not at all and made me feel like I wanted something for nothing. You need to put proper signs on your clearance merchandise. Why were they not 70% off, they were with all the other 70% off items, explain that to me. I'm really aggiated on how I was treated and then the issue wasen't even resolved this is not right by any means.

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  • Mk
      9th of Feb, 2010

    Its a bag of hershey kisses, what is the big deal. In five years is this going to matter?? If that is your biggest problem in life you are a lucky person.

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  • Ca
      17th of Dec, 2010

    Actually, this particular shoprite is known for improper business acts. Just today I spoke with a mgr there, who told me when the cheeses dont sell, and begin to spoil, they unwrap them, grate them, and repackage them. A number of voilations have been reported to the health department regarding this store. So, no, the above complaint should not be taken litely, and yes, it IS a big deal, because this behavior is illegal. I dont care if its a 66 cent issue, 66 cents is 66 cents. Seems like the person making light of this must be someone affiliated with this store.

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  • Lk
      19th of Dec, 2011

    i know nothing about this store...but there are more serious issues in life to be worried about...Its hershey about saving lives...bringing the troops home...that seems a little more important to me..just saying

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