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On Friday evening [protected] at 18.11 I went into Shoprite Malvern as I do religiously and was purchasing a box of tampons (yes tampons) as well as a 2 litre coca cola. I swiped my Credit Card at the till 3 times with 3 different cards before having the manageress take my items away and tell me to please leave!!! i was so embarrassed I just walked out not thinking to get a name.

It would have been more civil to ask me to go to another till as they were accepting cards but to tell me I cant buy at the store is something I have never experienced before. I am HUMILIATED and vow to never to return to the store again, bare in mind Pick n Pay and Checkers are somehow always right next to each other and we as consumers have a choice I obviously made the wrong one.

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  • Ip
      Feb 03, 2011
    Shoprite - Cockroaches crawling over the food
    United States

    Yesterday I went to buy groceries at Shoprite Strand. When I came to the till I saw cockroaches crawling over the food near the till. I was disguisted and made the teller aware and she arrogantly told me its not her problem. Disguisting and pathetic service! Is their perhaps a health inspector nearby?

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  • Le
      May 07, 2015

    May 07, 2015 at 7: 09 p.m. I purchased (2) packages of 93% ground beef the meat although outwardly red and inviting the way fresh meat is suppose to look, but inside it had the color of dark brown mud. A regular customer of your chain of stores, I was horrified to find such an obvious attempt to mislead and defraud me and all your others customers. Upon returning these unacceptable items, I was met with a very indifferent attitude, from the store manager Damon I was appalled at his lack of customer service skills. First he had me waiting 20 minutes before he responded to the call from the customer service desk. When I ask for a explanation of why his store is selling rancid meat unfit for human consumption, he rudely answer that this is the way ground beef is suppose to look. I have been a customer of ShopRite Stores for well over 20 years my customer number is [protected], after this experience I doubt that I will continue to be such a faithful customer. I hope that the standard of products and services your stores provides will be seriously assessed. They must be raise to the point where I will once again fill comfortable doing business with your store. I will be sharing this experience with friends and family who are also customers. Store Number and Returning time Front and Olney Collins Family 8:22p.m.

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