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Came to refill a Rx today (Sunday Dec 9, 2018) & received awful customer service from KATHERINE (a pharm tech? - she says her last name is Francis). Been shopping at this location since it opened & filling rxs before 2013 .

I've had a few interactions with KATHERINE before (over the phone/in the store) & on those occasions she has been rude. When I came in today & my rx was not ready she asked me loudly if it was my "xxx" rx that was supposed to be filled. 3+ customers were around the pick up line when she announced this. I don't mind that my rx wasn't prepared, however; the manner in which she spoke to me and her *LACK of CONFIDENTIALITY* is what upsets me. It is my understanding that health information should be protected and discretely discussed with customers...? and that customers should be valued and respected.

KATHERINE lacks professionalism & am concerned as a loyal customer of this store. It is where I refill my prescriptions on a regular basis, spend hundreds of dollars on various products for my children & elderly parents, and collect & redeem Optimum points. I have received excellent customer service from Lindsay (Pharmacist), Cody (Pharmacist), Tamer (Pharmacist) and Tina (pharm employee) in the past and am shocked at the contrast.

Perhaps KATHERINE can benefit from more training regarding professional communication & respect for customers? I expect more from Shoppers Drug Mart and those who handle my private health information. I don't feel comfortable and will not be returning to this location. Very disappointed since it is such a convenient location for my family & I. Please free feel to email me should you have any further questions.

Thank you.

  • Updated by Michelle Mendoza, Dec 09, 2018

    update- Katherine called me over half hour ago (after I left the store) to tell me the reason why my prescription was not filled the last two weeks. I understood this clarification and I explained to her not to worry as I will be refilling and renewing my prescriptions at another pharmacy from now on because I did not like how she does not practice confidentiality. She then PERSISTED that she was not loud; continued to ask about why I would try to go elsewhere; and that she was not worried about my complaints about her. Katherine: "OH I'm not worried at all".
    If your phone calls are recorded maybe she can use the recording to learn from it.

Dec 09, 2018

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