Shoppers Drug Mart / profiling by shoppers beauty associate

I am writing this review a few days after my sister had a very upsetting experience with a long time beauty associate at the 8865 Yonge Street Shoppers Drug mart in Richmond Hill. I am also writing it because before my sister even described the woman whom it happened with I knew who it was because I too have had disturbing experiences with this woman in the past. The one difference is that this woman never approached me so my suspicions about her behaviour could not be proven.
My sister and I shop at this drug store all time. We own a condo in the area and it is a 5 minute walk from where we live. On this afternoon my sister went to buy a bunch of items because we go on vacation. As she walked around with her cart she realized that she forgot an item from the beauty department so she returned to that section to grab it. It is then that an associate by the name or Rebecca stopped her and said that she preferred that my sister continue shopping but leave her cart in the beauty section. My sister was shocked and confused. When she tried to leave Rebecca insisted that she stay! At this point my sister insisted a manger come right away. One did and she reported the entire incident to the gentleman.
I was so upset when I heard that this embarrassing, inappropriate and downright horrible incident happen to my sister. I have literally shopped at this drugmart and caught Rebecca staring at me from between aisles. This did not happen once but at least 3 times. When I would catch her she did not approach me for help but simply slipped away like a rat. I was left so shaken and upset by her spying on me, clearly looking to see if she would catch me stealing, that I literally have not shopped in the beauty section at this location for years – except for one time when I reluctantly bought a perfume there because I couldn’t get to another location in time.
No one, no honest, tax paying responsible adult should be made to feel like a criminal when they walk through the doors of a store. This incident with my sister confirmed to me that I was right about this associate the entire time and now I will speak up and make sure no other customer experiences this profiling and poor behaviour from her again. We are awaiting her manager to return from vacation and will be contacting head office. If shoppers doesn’t take this serious I will not be shopping at this franchise ever again, which is disappointing because with the exception of this horrible woman the staff are really great here, nonetheless I may become a Rexall customer exclusively.

Aug 31, 2016

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